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  1. K223

    Mid Cycle Refresh

    If you can believe it, Gen 3 his hitting mid cycle come the end of this fall. Would have to believe Gen 3 might end up being the least produced Gen so far of the Raptor. But what I’m trying to guess at, other than the Raptor R to maybe be released in ‘23. What might the ‘23 refresh year...
  2. K223


    So basically went to unlock my truck this morning with the remote. Nothing! Thought maybe the battery died in the remote and tried the spare nothing. Had to use the key to enter the truck and it was completely dead. Popped the hood and checked the battery. 4.5v ugh. Parked the truck...
  3. K223

    Gen 3 Fraptor

    I can’t believe it, but they Fraptorized the Gen 3 already. Things move fast in today’s world...
  4. K223

    WTB:Gen 2 Rear Bumper Ends

    Looking for preferably a right side(passenger) rear bumper end. Must be ding and scratch free. Basically looking for a mint piece. If you need to sell a set then I can do that as well. Thanks
  5. K223

    Cold Start

    I occasionally get a low idle after a cold start, instead of the normal elevated warm up idle every so often. When I don’t get the elevated warm up idle the motor is groggy sounding for a matter of seconds as would be expected. I haven’t checked for codes yet. I will mention this at the...
  6. K223


    I received a notification in FordPass this eve. Ford basically said the app is fixed now, thank you for your patience , and we are giving you 11,000 points for the problems it caused. Anyone else?
  7. K223

    Maps Update

    FYI I noticed my ‘19 did an OTA Maps update today. Went from version NA118 to NA119. Was already running Sync 3.4 build 20136. Curious to see if any landmarks have updated as well.
  8. K223

    Baja Design S8 30”

    Looking to maybe add a Baja Design 30” S8, behind the grill. Would be using the “Raptor Kit”. Does anyone have any pics demonstrating the lights output? I heard even behind the grill the output is still very good. How good I would lie to see.
  9. K223

    IC Shutters

    Does anyone know the actual intercooler shutter strategy Ford put into place? Would like to know specific parameters for there functionality. If for say one were to disconnect the plug from the shutter motor. Would this trigger a CEL? Or log a significant code? I can certainly see the...
  10. K223

    Sync 3.4 Update

    Finally!!! I decided to logon to and check for updates today. Surprise surprise Sync 3.4.20136 is available for USB or WiFi vehicle download. You guys who have not done the Russian hack or don’t have a ‘20 May want to check for the update as well. BTW what was the exact...
  11. K223

    FordPass (Security Sys)

    For the last two weeks it appears FordPass has stopped sending me vehicle alarm notifications. Everything I can check looks good. Possibly the quirky app?
  12. K223

    Engine Fans

    The last two days my engine cooling fans are running on high from the time I cold start. I know it’s hot out mid 90’s lately, but never observed this right from the start. The truck is running normal temps as well. I’m going to monitor and start it earlier tomorrow morning and see if the...
  13. K223

    FordPass App lost Scheduled Starts

    Just noticed today, I lost “Scheduled Starts” option from FordPass. About to delete and reinstall the app, but has anyone else had this happen?
  14. K223

    Software Update

    Just noticed this message in FordPass this morning after parking the truck From a drive. Wasn’t at the truck when I noticed the message. Possible Sync auto update finally to v3.4 or is Ford actually pushing other vehicle updates now? Kinda cool, well maybe once I know what it actually is...
  15. K223


    Ain’t that something. Doing a lot more than just cooling our butts! Ford Mustang factory to build respirators for coronavirus fight, UAW says Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at...
  16. K223

    CarPlay Question

    Issue being, While plugged in and running Carplay(few different apps). I can have the music playing(Any source), and if I pick my phone and open an app on the phone it will kill the music. I have to drop out of carplay, select a source to turn the music back on. Is there an option on the...
  17. K223

    Sync 3.4

    Happened to read on the F150forum, folks are updating there Sync to v3.4 via Forscan and with help of some other various updating tools. I'm a little curious to know if any 2020 Raptors will ship with v3.4 or still have 3.3? Will this eventually be available as an update for Gen 2's? Either...
  18. K223


    Just received a message through FordPass. Letting me know it’s not just a trial and it will be complimentary. I read before it was free anywhere from 1-5 years starting last year. Well I guess it’s free here on out. I’m sure they are going to data collection from it. But at this point...
  19. K223

    New 2019 Owner in FLA

    Just got my beast this week. 2019 Magnetic SCREW. Been admiring these trucks for the last couple of years. When it came down to choosing a new truck, it was a Raptor or Raptor basically. I couldn’t settle on anything else. Finally we landed one. Finding it to be an awesome ride so far. C