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    2022 Iconic Silver Available

    So I just pulled my name off a dealer order at Autonation Memphis. It was a 35 package in iconic silver, loaded. It had the regular wheels. Last time I checked it had a build week of 4/4. Hope someone on here snags it.
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    Iconic silver stealth

    Do it! This is not mine, it’s another members here but looks awesome.
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    F 150 Scheduling news!

    Well here we go again. Multiple weeks of shut downs and reduced builds.
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    3/28 squad

    What were your order dates?
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    2022 Order Banks

    I haven’t checked this week with FP, but had slipped to 4/4 last week. My dealer order was placed 11/11. So following this closely. ETA: the April build weeks are literally pulled out of someone’s rear end. There has been no scheduling done for f-150’s through the first few weeks of April...
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    Stock order vs. Retail build dates

    How did you lock in pricing?from what I have gathered stock orders are not price protected.
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    Stock order vs. Retail build dates

    So I am curious to see how build dates trend in stock vs. retail orders. My order was a stock order with an 11/11 order date. I was able to make changes to it so that it was ordered the way I wanted it. My initial build date was 2/8 and has now been pushed to a build week of 4/4 according to FP...
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    Anyone have a link to the price protection from the most recent bump?

    This is BS. My original build date was before the price increases went into affect. Now it has gotten bumped several times since. Yes at the top of mine it says Type: Stock.
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    Captain Obvious This link has some good comparisons of the differences.
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    12/06 Squad

    Seeing this makes the wait palatable. Mine is similar. Love the Iconic Silver. Haven’t seen many in IS. Looks awesome! The stock wheels look good with the silver.
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    3/7 Squad

    I think this may be due to the plant closures and lack of scheduling over the last two weeks. My guess is these April dates are placeholders.
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    3/7 Squad

    Somehow I’m now April 4th.
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    Update: Build pushed back further

    With plants being shuttered and Dearborn going to one shift everything is getting pushed.
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    Time line.

    I was told by the sale manager you can’t change your order once you have a vin and build week. Any one know if that’s true or not? If the bedliner is truly backordered 20 weeks I wish ford would just credit the $595 or just ship the truck and I will eat the $595. That’s painful to know that’s...
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    Raptor Vs GMC AT4X

    I will raise my hand on the issues as my 6.2l has had lifters replaced twice in 12k miles. I am trying to trade it on my raptor keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again before the raptor shows up.
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    3/14 Build week

    No changes after it is accepted and have a vin. Just tried to delete a few things to spur it on but no dice. Also was told by dealer build week is 3/21 vs. FP saying 3/14. Was told by the sales manager that microchips are “becoming a problem again”.
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    3/14 Build week

    Just checked and got bumped from a build date of 3/8 to build week 3/14.
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    3/7 Squad

    I’m in the same boat, had a build day last week of 3/8 will see if it sticks this week. Only a month after my first build date.
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    2021 Gen 3 Code Orange (35) available in So Cal

    I am sure there are some that have, but I bet they won’t openly admit it.
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    Price Increase on 2022 Raptor

    For the Raptor I would assume the dealer would need an allocation to have a legit order so that you lock in price before the increase goes into effect although I could be wrong.
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    2/7 Squad

    FP gave me a build date, only a month out. Over/under 5 changes?
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    2/7 Squad

    Given that the plants are shut down or operating at reduced capacity who knows when we get our trucks.
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    Factory Shutdowns

    Wonder how long this will drag on. Now we know why some of us with build dates this week got bumped. Dearborn is running limited capacity while others have been shuttered for the week.
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    What did ya pay…..MSRP, ADM Poll

    This is awesome! No wonder why my build got bumped from 2/8 to week of Feb 28 to now March 7th
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    2/7 Squad

    Those of you are have maintained build dates. What options do you have? Do you have pro power? Spray in bed liner? I had a build date as 2/8 then week of 2/28 and now week off 3/7……