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    Picked up a 2022 37pp!!

    my 2022 37pp has been on chip hold for almost 4 months, and I found a 2022 37pp about 2 hours away from me that just got there the night before! So I just couldn’t take the wait so I picked it up, and it was code orange which I love! Had it for a week and got it tinted and just got it tuned...
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    1/17 in production on chip hold

    Hey guys my 2022 raptor 37 went into production 1/17 and is on chip hold. So same bs with the 2022s also. Delivery date estimate is still 2/13 but doubt it. Hopefully this isn’t a long hold
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    Found a 37 package!

    Hey guys I found a incoming 37 performance package for a few grand over msrp, and I can get out of my 35 raptor for more than I paid for it so the few grand evens out! I always wanted the 37 package. The window sticker is available but I don’t have the order number to track it. If window sticker...
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    Lead foot home finally!

    Hey guys, I’ve had it for about a month now and just realized I never posted when I got it! Love it so far, rides so smooth, exhaust sounds awesome, and looks badass! I’ll answer any questions!
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    Finally showed up!

    Dealer called me today my dealer stock order lead foot finally showed up! Fp said oct 6 so about a week early, pals never updated from pending! Only have these pictures for now! Setting up shipping next!
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    How long before truck is picked up?

    My truck is at the final rail yard waiting to be picked up by truck to be delivered to dealer! How long does it usually sit there? It’s only 20 miles from the dealership
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    How long “in production” were you guys?

    Hey guys I’ve been in production since 8/24 and my built day was 8/31, I’m still in production just wondering how long you guys were in production before being moved to built?
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    Raptor is built!

    Hey guys first post here! Been lurking for a few months! Was lucky to find a dealer order for the perfect spec at msrp last week and threw a deposit down! It just got built yesterday so hope to see it maybe late this month! Can’t wait to see deliveries start to roll in!