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  1. slater

    Oxford White Gen 3 Pics please

    Post em if you got em
  2. slater

    Alternate rear spring options?

    Anyone know if there are options on the way to swap OEM rear coil springs for coil springs designed for a heavier static load (+200lbs ish)?
  3. slater

    Garage Sale - Lights/Mounts/FORD strobe kit/Whipple CAI

    All prices are plus shipping. Happy to answer any questions located in 40245. 1. Triple Bezel Mount Lights and wiring harness $200 *Note the small KC highlights floods don't work but I suspect something in wiring for that portion of the loom. The other 4 larger lights are good to go. 3. FORD...
  4. slater

    RetraxPro XR as new as can be without being in the box.

    For sale RetraxPRO XR. Decided I like my other setup better for my purposes, so selling this at a great price. This is a bada$$ cover though. Currently installed on my truck. Not sure anything other than a local sale is possible. I do have the original shipping boxes though. Louisville, KY $1450.00
  5. slater

    Nitrogen PSI specs for 2019 Live Valve shocks

    Anyone know where I can find this information?
  6. slater

    Stock Sized Tires

    K02s or Wildpeak At3 Will be traveling from Denver to Kentucky first week of June. Could pick up on the way back east. Thanks,