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  1. JefferyGT

    Stolen - 2019 black CCSB - from driveway

    Awful. Police are being defunded and will not help anyone with stolen property. Any ideas what can be done???? How long before people pull their heads out of asses and make things right?
  2. JefferyGT

    Transmission Warranty Issues

    Check out the Cobb accessport tuner for the TCM. YouTube has a few examples of some fixes.
  3. JefferyGT

    Dealer No Longer Fill Coolant/Poss Leak

    That's unfortunate for you. It's not stop leak BTW. So definitely stop using it in your truck if you are having strange issues. I've been using it for years. It's fantastic. Your motor will run cooler. It's that good. Gotta love chemistry.
  4. JefferyGT

    Dealer No Longer Fill Coolant/Poss Leak

    Top off with some redline water wetter.
  5. JefferyGT

    How intrusive is AEB on 2nd gens?

    Mo gadgets Mo money Mo problems... Enjoy!
  6. JefferyGT

    Humming noise from dash

    It's part of the fuel evaporate control system I think. Emissions bs
  7. JefferyGT

    Creaking noise from interior door handle

    It's a run of the mill F150 after all. With wolves clothing...
  8. JefferyGT

    Banging when putting in reverse?

    Look it up on YouTube. It seems to be related to the TCM. Cobb accessport tuner fixes it for them.
  9. JefferyGT

    Nasty noise on every startup.

    Yeah sorry. Didn't get a good listen on the mp3s... Phasers make a racket. Wastegate like a little tinkling chain sound. Please forgive me nikhsub1 !!!!!
  10. JefferyGT

    Brake caliper shortage

    Get your existing calipers rebuilt. I've done it a few times when restoring old cars. They were like new when done correctly.
  11. JefferyGT

    GEN 2 CSP 21M06 - Unintended Tailgate Opening

    I think the temporary fix is a new wiring harness and button... The tech left the wires in my truck when he wasn't able to complete it because I had the key to the spare tire!
  12. JefferyGT

    2017 - 2020 Front Husky Mud Flaps

    I have these. They look great with the truck.
  13. JefferyGT

    GEN 1 I need Help please - Front grinding noise

    Does it have vacuum actuated hubs? Gen2 have an updated valve for this issue.
  14. JefferyGT

    Damage when RPG 1.5” Collars installed. Is this worth escalating with the installer?

    Ham handed careless work. The shock should never have been damaged. Improper spring compresser used.
  15. JefferyGT

    I made someones day

    Gen 2 is a great truck. Enjoy it and get a Gen 4.
  16. JefferyGT

    2018 grinding noise

    Inexpensive easy fix. As long as you didn't destroy the hubs anyway.
  17. JefferyGT

    Rear Diff Rust/Warranty Question

    I used Corroseal rust converter. Looks great and is holding up perfectly. Also highly recommend the Ford Performance/Spicer Dana diff cover pictured on this thread. I should add... I applied it using rubber gloves and rubbing it precisely where needed. No over spray or mess. Looks completely...
  18. JefferyGT

    Performance package re done - no more blue interior!

    Mine burned on the barge. Pimp interior!!!
  19. JefferyGT

    A Common Problem with TRD Pro’s - Incredibly Aggravating

    The little Toyota looks so cute! Great pics!
  20. JefferyGT

    Worth Upgrading between 2018 and 2019/20?

    If you go the rest of your life... Without ever owning that Gen2.5.... it will eat at you. It will eat at your very soul!!! Probably not really. I drove both back to back. Honestly no major difference. A few more extra features. But off-road they were both awesome. The Gen 2.5 had a one inch...
  21. JefferyGT

    Exterior Power Panel Installed

    Pretty cool cigarette lighter socket. Just a little overpriced. Simple solution tho!
  22. JefferyGT

    Worth Upgrading between 2018 and 2019/20?

    This Gen2 is so damn good already. Best truck I've ever owned. Doesn't take much to make it even better. Ford left some performance on the table. Get a Gen 1 but keep your Gen2 and take delivery of your Gen3.