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  1. NHDude4

    Live Valve Issue? Rides Harder than Gen 2

    I'm at 1500 miles. Love the truck for the most part. The one thing I've thought since driving off the dealer's lot is that the ride doesn't seem that smooth. In Normal suspension it seems jiggly and I figured out it's more composed in Sport suspension. Still, on slightly irregular roads it does...
  2. NHDude4

    Remote Start Exhaust Mode

    Finally got my Gen 3 this week and loving it. Does anyone know if it's possible to select the exhaust mode that the truck starts in (particularly with remote start)? Might be silly, but something I loved on my Gen 2 was the rumble of a cold start with my Corsa exhaust. I've noticed the Gen 3...
  3. NHDude4

    Stolen Raptors - What Happens if It's Yours?

    Anyone have any real world experience with this? There have been at least two (I gather more, but hard to differentiate stories) instances of stolen Raptors at Dearborn. Anyone know what Ford would actually do if a customer order were stolen? Will they rush production of a replacement? Will...
  4. NHDude4

    Raptor Incoming - Built, Awaiting Shipment

    Thought I'd just start a thread about my order progress, since people seem to compare notes on production timing a lot. —Order placed 2/1/22. Raptor 35 (because 37s make it slower) with 801A, moonroof, ProPower, blue seats, beadlock capable wheels, and spray bedliner. Left the tonneau cover...
  5. NHDude4

    Do Gen 2 Tonneau Covers Fit?

    I know there are lots of threads covering which tonneau cover is best. Curious if the Gen 3 bed is the same, so I can just look at the Gen 2 threads to get info. Never bought a vehicle with so little support and info readily available. When I got a 2018 Gen 2 it already had huge AM support and...
  6. NHDude4

    Start-Stop Delete - Any other hidden options?

    I'm putting together an order with my dealer and I saw on a thread there's a Start-Stop Delete option that isn't on the 2022 Raptor builder but is available on the dealer's order list. What else is available that I wouldn't know to ask about? Is the Applique Delete still a thing? What else?
  7. NHDude4

    Black, Atlas, and Antimatter - Picking 2022 Color

    Getting ready to place an order. Got a dealer who will do it at MSRP for me. I had a 2018 in LeadFoot and loved that color but it's not on the manu for 2022. Everything I've seen suggests Antimatter is super dark in most light conditions. Black on black is a cool look but I'd like a bit more...
  8. NHDude4

    Convince Me to WAIT to Order

    Had a Gen 2 and sold it at the top of the 2021 used car market. Want to get into a 2022 Gen 3 35 (don't offroad much and the 37 is surely slower). I'm tempted to put in an order and my dealer said 4-5 months from order to arrival. That's fine but I'm wondering if the Gen 3s are showing up with...
  9. NHDude4

    Accessport with ECM and TCM Maps for Sale SOLD

    $700 in brand new condition. I'll cover shipping. Tuner with the ECM and TCM maps is $1075 new from COBB. Can't speak highly enough about these maps or the AP's ease of use. I'm selling this because I sold the truck. It is properly uninstalled from my old truck and ready for pairing with any...
  10. NHDude4

    GEN 2 For Sale: COBB Accessport w/ ECM & TCM Maps SOLD

    Hope it's okay to post this here. Sold my truck because its value climbed $10k and I'm buying a house. I'm sure I'll get a Gen 3 in a couple years but for now I'm left with the Accessport and no truck to run it on. I uninstalled it from the truck so it's good to go to install on another one...
  11. NHDude4

    2018 Raptor 802A - Lead Foot - 42k miles

    Buying a house and the Raptor needs to go to cover furnishing. Hate to part with it but I'm sure I'll get into a Gen 3 in a few years. Truck is mechanically perfect. Interior is perfect. Exterior has only minor flaws that will easily buff out with the exception of a few scratches on the tiny...
  12. NHDude4

    Competent Ford Dealer in NH?

    Any members in southern NH that can point me to a dealer that doesn't suck? I'm in south-west NH and I already drive 50 minutes to Hillsboro Ford because Monadnock Ford (closer to me) was totally incompetent. Hillsboro Ford doesn't give a crap and my final straw was when BFG told me they needed...
  13. NHDude4

    GEN 2 Electric Tailgate Release Failure... Missing Anything?

    Put some gas cans in the bed the other day and when I got home the tailgate release wasn't working. First try I heard a motorized sound but it didn't release. Subsequent tries did nothing. Tried the button on the keyfob, locking and unlocking, turning the truck on and off, etc. Nothing. Ended...
  14. NHDude4

    GEN 2 Temporary Raptor Replacement - What would you do?

    If you could sell your Raptor for a lot, what would you drive for 12-24 months while you wait for the Gen 3? Has to be under $60k, snow-drivable, preferably performance-oriented (I'm flexible), and not a model that will depreciate away the extra positive equity gained. Oh, and not a truck. The...
  15. NHDude4

    NH Inspection with Tint?

    I understand this is now strictly enforced. Anyone know if there are any legal loopholes?
  16. NHDude4

    Opinion on Diode Dynamics Fog Lights?

    Came across the Diode Dynamics fog light bars ( I like the look better than the set of 3 pods I see on most trucks. To me these look a little more factory, which I like. Looking to know how people like theirs...
  17. NHDude4

    Sports Car Owners: Do You Think The Truck is Quick?

    I've had my 2018 SCREW for almost 2 months and I love it. My one question is about quickness (or apparent lack thereof). Can someone, with a frame of reference for quick vehicles, give me a subjective impression of the Raptor's acceleration? The reason I'm asking is that all the reviews made...
  18. NHDude4

    Dealer Won't Replace Grille Shutter That Fell Out?

    At 1500 miles I arrived somewhere to find something sticking out one of the bumper view port things. Turns out it was one of the 10 blades from the active grille shutter. With 2k miles on my 2018 I took it to the nearest dealer (not where I bought it) for an inspection and to have the shutter...
  19. NHDude4

    What is Forscan and How Do I Use It?

    I tried to find a basics thread on this but all I see is everyone talking about it as if everyone on earth is already familiar with it. Just got my 2018 a week ago and came across Forscan stuff while searching for how to kill the stupid auto start/stop. I saw there's a wiring hack for it...
  20. NHDude4

    Tow Ball Mount?

    I feel like this is a dumb question but should my new Raptor have come with a tow ball mount? I had a Nissan Xterra before and since it had the tow package it came with a ball mount and pin.
  21. NHDude4

    What Should I Buy In the Finance Office?

    To start: New to the forum. Familiar with forums. Already searched. Decided not to post in the prospective owners thread because my build date was 10 days ago. Please don’t flame me :). I’m about two weeks from delivery and I’m looking to figure out dollars and cents. I want to know what...