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    Hello Everyone, I wanted to check in and let everyone know that I will now be taking over the Baja Designs Forum account. I am glad to be joining such an amazing team and I'll be here to help answer any questions or concerns. We offer a number of great lighting options for the Ford Raptor. For...
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    Taking Orders on Toyota, Tundra (2022-On) Kits

    From fog lights to light bars, light up the night wherever your next adventures take you. Our scientists of lighting have crafted light solutions from mild to wild to make sure every Tundra enthusiast is able to torch the road ahead of them. From the stock Tundra to the TRD Pro, our LED Light...
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    Coming in Hot, Our New IPT Blockers

    Hey Everyone, We would like to share a new product; our brand new IPT covers are now available. With the growing interest in LP4’s being placed on vehicle A-Pillars, we have developed our Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) Cover Kit. This kit will allow you to continue to place Baja...
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    Baja Designs Partners with another Premium Brand!

    We at Baja Designs are proud to announce a new family member with sPod 4x4. the FIRST power distribution system engineered/designed for offroad vehicles A place to post: -Product information -Photos -Questions -Complaints and comments What is Spod you may ask? Originally founded by John and...
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    The Brightest Light in The Smallest Package

    Hello Everyone, Baja Designs was the first company to offer a forward projecting off-road LED light bar, and our Scientists of Lighting continue to create innovative performance lighting for racing, personal and industrial applications. At Baja Designs, we build custom Ford lighting systems and...
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    Ford Wins The 2022 San Felipe 250

    Hello Everyone, Checkout a few photos from Baja Designs sponsored athletes at the San Felipe 250. Congrats to Luke Mcmillin Ford Trophy Truck on the win and Bryce Menzies with a close second!
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    A New XL Pro - 20% More Distance at a Lower Price!

    Hey everyone, we wanted to share with you that our engineers have done it again and have produced a new XL Pro! With 20% more distance means that you will be able to see more on the trail. All that with a drop in price! • 20% Increased Distance • Same Power Consumption as Previous Model •...
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    Baja Designs | A New Squadron Pro - Better Performance, Lower Price!

    Hey all, we wanted to share with the forum the latest from our lighting scientists! We have pushed the bar even higher, Introducing a lower priced, better performing Squadron Pro! With 20% increase distance over our previous model while keeping the same power consumption, and housed in the same...
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    Baja Designs | New Release - Raptor 7 XL Linkable Kit

    Hey all we wanted to let you know about our new 7 XL Linkable kit for the 2017+ Raptors. Designed for the enthusiast looking to take charge with a light package that is completely customizable for their needs. This kit includes 7 XL Sports, Links, vehicle specific mounting brackets, wiring...
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    NEW LP-Series Upfitter Lock Out Harness!

    This harness was designed with intention of being used in conjunction with power modules such as sPOD, Switch-Pros, and factory upfitter systems. This harness will ensure that you don't run power to both the high and low circuits at the same time when wiring your LP series lights. If you're...
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    Happy Fourth of July!

    Happy Fourth of July from our team at BD! We'll be closed from Friday to Sunday and back to normal hours on Monday.
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    Baja Designs | Introducing "Buy it Installed"

    Upfront Pricing Know the cost before you buy. Convenient Scheduling Schedule your appointment once the product ships. You can easily reschedule or cancel anytime. Total Happiness Guarantee When you purchase your product using the Buy It Installed® Button, you’ll receive installation service...
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    Baja Designs | Introducing the NEW XL Linkable!

    Currently Available for Jeep JK, Polaris RZR, and Can-AM X3, with Additional Vehicle Specific Kits to Follow. Vehicle Specific Part Numbers Jeep JK | 44-7099 8 XL Sports MSRP: $2,099.95 Can-Am X3 | 44-7080 7 XL Sports MSRP: $1,724.95 Polaris RZR Pro XP | 44-7081 6 XL Sports MSRP: $1,474.95...
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    Baja Designs | FREE SHIPPING!

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    Baja Designs | Together Sale
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    Baja Designs | NEW Polaris RZR Pro XP Kits!

    We're excited to share our NEW Polaris RZR Pro XP Kits! To those Raptor owners that may also have a RZR Pro XP or be in the market for one, check it out! Polaris RZR Pro XP Kits With the recent release of the all-new 181 horsepower Polaris RZR Pro XP, our engineers quickly went to work and...
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    Baja Designs - Scratch & Dent Sale – 20-30% off MSRP!!

    We're all sold out! We appreciate the support, thanks guys! :)
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    Baja Designs | LP4 Shipping Now!!

    The LP4 is the smallest variant in the LP line up but maintains all of the power and features of its siblings. The LP4 features a total of 8,750 lumens and a 200° spread of useable LED light. This light pumps out 7,050 forward projecting lumens and 1,700 lumens of dedicated peripheral lighting...
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    Baja Designs | SAE Compliance Service Bulletin

    Baja Designs | SAE Compliance Service Bulletin In November 2019 a third party made Baja Designs aware that the SAE Squadron was out of compliance with J583 guidelines. We immediately shipped samples to a testing facility for further verification. Our testing discovered that the light was over...
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    Baja Designs Black Friday Specials! Starting 11/25/19

    Baja Designs is offering Black Friday Cash Back Rebates between 11/25/2019 and 12/2/2019 Orders placed directly through Baja Designs, or through authorized dealers are both eligible. Simply place a qualifying order, fill out the rebate form below and mail it back with a copy of your...
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    Baja Designs - Our Road to SEMA 2019

    Baja Designs - Our Road to SEMA 2019
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    Baja Designs | Squadron SAE | Shipping Now!!!

    Brand new for Baja Designs is our SAE certified light. This light is based on our Squadron series. While there are many visual characteristics that stayed the same the pattern, and circuitry is optimized in order to give our SAE light a street legal punch! We’ve put this light through rigorous...
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    Baja Designs - New CEO Announcement

    Effective April 1, 2019, Baja Designs Chief Operating Officer, Trent Kirby, has been promoted to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Deanne Moore, who was Baja Designs previous CEO, will be retiring from the full-time position, but will maintain her relationship with Baja Designs through her...
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    Come join us at Hammertown! - Booth #53

    "] KING OF THE HAMMERS February 1 - 9, 2019 DISPLAY VEHICLES AND SPECIAL APPEARANCES Casey Currie, Bryce Menzies, Brandon Sims, S3 Racing, Twisted Monkeys, LiteBrite, and Loki the Wolf Dog. SHOW SPECIALS 10% OFF – Free Wiring Harness and Rock Guards with purchase of lights (while...
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    uService Explained

    One of the key features integrated into all Baja Designs’ forward projecting Lights is our user replaceable lens and optic technology. uService is a term coined for our user serviceable lenses that allow for you to interchange patterns on the fly. The technology is based around the compression...