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  1. slater

    it was 10/21 dealer has already said I am protected but you never know and ppl also leave jobs...

    it was 10/21 dealer has already said I am protected but you never know and ppl also leave jobs etc but I have it in text and email as well so should be all good.
  2. slater

    Did you pay price from original order date?

    Did you pay price from original order date?
  3. slater

    Thanks Ford! Just got this Email…

    Got the same message. Ordered Oct, still not in production according to email update. :rolleyes:
  4. slater

    19 Leaking moonroof

    Just an FYI - I had the same issue with my 16 F150 on the drivers side and come to find out the drain tube that runs down the A-Pillar was not connected in the fender behind the parking break assembly.....and it wasn't connected below the sunroof drain as well. If for some reason their discovery...
  5. slater

    Oxford White Gen 3 Pics please

    nice truck and garage setup
  6. slater

    Oxford White Gen 3 Pics please

    Post em if you got em
  7. slater

    F150 STOP SALE

    What if your underbody insulators have already pulled a houdini??
  8. slater

    Alternate rear spring options?

    Ox - do expand on your statement. I envisioned it was as simple as swapping the coils out in the rear, guess not?
  9. slater

    Alternate rear spring options?

    Anyone know if there are options on the way to swap OEM rear coil springs for coil springs designed for a heavier static load (+200lbs ish)?
  10. slater

    Garage Sale - Lights/Mounts/FORD strobe kit/Whipple CAI

    All prices are plus shipping. Happy to answer any questions located in 40245. 1. Triple Bezel Mount Lights and wiring harness $200 *Note the small KC highlights floods don't work but I suspect something in wiring for that portion of the loom. The other 4 larger lights are good to go. 3. FORD...
  11. slater

    RetraxPro XR as new as can be without being in the box.

    For sale RetraxPRO XR. Decided I like my other setup better for my purposes, so selling this at a great price. This is a bada$$ cover though. Currently installed on my truck. Not sure anything other than a local sale is possible. I do have the original shipping boxes though. Louisville, KY $1450.00
  12. slater

    Just heard from my dealership in Texas

    they don't call them stealerships for nothing.
  13. slater

    GEN 2 Hats off to SVC

    Always good to hear a positive review.
  14. slater

    OEM Lights Longevity / Brightness

    Interesting to see a quote on their longevity as I was always curious about that. They are not inexpensive to fix.
  15. slater

    New wheels :)

    sharp setup
  16. slater

    Is the panoramic roof just asking for trouble?

    I feel like if you keep it lubed around the seals its no biggie. I did however have a "leak" in my F150 prior. Thought it was the pano roof ended up being the drain tube not connected behind the parking break. PITA to get to but an easy fix forsure.
  17. slater

    Rear add-a-leafs installed

    Wow the 37" are MONEY!
  18. slater

    MyKey = DON'T DO IT!!!

    This seems like a great thing "if" you were to let your kid or friend borrow the truck.