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  1. rosh

    '21 37pp Code Orange for sale.

    Hello, I'm debating on selling my Code Orange '21 Raptor with the 37pp at the right price. It currently has 9,900 miles on it. I originally ordered it day one with every option but the sunroof, and it was delivered in April. I ordered it with the graphics delete and then added my own custom...
  2. rosh

    SOLD!!!! - 2019 Ford Raptor 802A - Performance Blue - 13,300 miles

    I have a 2019 Ford Raptor for sale in North Dakota. 13,300 miles. asking $72,995. Excellent condition. Financing available. Performance Blue 802A Tech Package Twin Panel Moonroof Tailgate Step the original MSRP was $73,070
  3. rosh

    Anyone getting toppers(truck caps) for their G3?

    I've been getting the Peragon tonneau cover for my last 3 pickups, and am debating on trying a topper this time around. anyone have any good pro's/con's to take into consideration? I'm thinking of trying the A.R.E. CX Revo since it follows the curve of the tailgate. and then i'll blend my own...
  4. rosh

    New '19 Raptor Owner - My 1st Raptor!

    Hello everyone. My name is Brant, from North Dakota. I finally pulled the trigger and bought my first Raptor. I am really excited. It is still in transit and should be here by or before the 28th of this month. I went from a 2010 Lariat, to a 2015 XLT, recently to a 15 Mustang GT(just for a...