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  1. JCSRaptor


    I’ve got Goosebumps!! The world and America is struggling all around us but as always American grit will prevail and bring us to happier times. Speaking of which, just completed my stage 2 tunes with Winfield at Goosetune! Winfield is well of information, has strong work ethic he sent me my...
  2. JCSRaptor

    Looking to buy Goosetuned

    I am looking to buy a Goosetune for 2019 stock Raptor set up for 93 Octane. Anyone have one for sale?
  3. JCSRaptor

    GEN 2 Top 5 Mods for Stock Raptor?

    Gang, looking for experienced owners opinions for modifications they would suggest I address as I move toward a engine performance tune. I would I like to buy a tuner package but before doing so want to address factory limitations to ensure first and foremost durability and longevity. I plant...