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  1. Big Papa Gecko

    2 New 2022 F-150 XLTs at Sticker. BOTH SOLD

    Hey guys, end of month and we gotta move some new units. Selling at MSRP and they would make great commuter/layover trucks waiting for Raptors to come in. Both window stickers will be posted, reach out if you want some photos. Both are Silver, one is a 5.0 and the other is the 3.5 ecoboost.
  2. Big Papa Gecko

    2022 F-150 Lightning Platinum Pro

    I have the window sticker available on request. This one has to be a mannequin until December (thanks ford). 2022 F-150 Lightning Platinum Pro, Smoked Quarts, this things a beauty and yours for $97,473 + TTL You ready for the kicker?! Sold at MSRP. The only cost add is for the bed liner...
  3. Big Papa Gecko

    2022 GT500 Heritage Pack

    I know everyone hates ADM, however the owner stated we have to on this unit, especially with it being the last year of production. Attached is the build sheet, currently in production, should drop in about 2 months. Price is $129,995, I'm sure I can get it moved for forum guys. VIN...
  4. Big Papa Gecko

    2022 F-150 King Ranch Powerboost SOLD

    Hey y'all, just had a guy trade this back in after putting just under 7k miles on it in 3 months on a Black Widow. It is Iconic Silver, Ultimate Package, Unleashed Package, just absolutely fully loaded. I can upload some pictures on request. It wont be posted on our site due to my GM wanting to...
  5. Big Papa Gecko

    In production, 2022 801A 35s - SOLD

    Hey everyone, have another up for grabs. Same as always with my dealership, out of state is 2500, in Mississippi is MSRP. Attaching window sticker, message if interested.
  6. Big Papa Gecko

    All Full :(

    Just posting so everyone who was waiting to hear from me can see it sooner. My dealership got 7 orders in and received an email from Ford that all allocations for our region are now filled. I apologize to those later on the list. I will start back up from where I left off once new allocations...
  7. Big Papa Gecko

    Welp lets go

    I realize all my info is on there, you can come to the BBQ if you call ahead of time.
  8. Big Papa Gecko

    MSRP Guesses?

    I know, I know, most are going to say everyone will pay over MSRP, but for bragging rights, lets throw out what we think MSRP on a loaded R will be. I am betting its $93,500.
  9. Big Papa Gecko

    Mindful of Orders

    Alright guys and gals, I have been getting alot of attention for my dealership post on selling MSRP, even with the R. Just know that the list is now 7 people long, so the wait will be a while, the question now would be if you're fine with that or if the mark up with others would be worth it...
  10. Big Papa Gecko

    7/11 build date up for Grabs!

    Hey guys, so I work at a dealership and we had someone back out of their pre-order. We have it for a 7/11 build date as of right now. I will attach the options sheet and price. We do sell at MSRP to in Mississippi. If out of state they add 2500 (I will try to get him to come off it for a forum...
  11. Big Papa Gecko

    What color should I choose?

    So, I've been absent for a bit and I apologize. Now that the R is coming, I will be trading in my Gen 1. I work at a dealer and will be getting our Allocation so I need to decide some stuff. Most importantly is color. My Gen 1 is black, and black is faster, but I'm open to suggestions!
  12. Big Papa Gecko

    2019 Raptor Factory

    This 2019 Raptor has just under 68k miles as of right now. Automatic steps, panoramic sunroof, assisted tailgate, etc. Asking $61,995. Its located in Vicksburg MS. If you come to get it I will personally pick you up from the airport. Hit me up with any questions.
  13. Big Papa Gecko

    Fan Mods

    Anyone else get a fan mods message.....for inlet tubes.......when they are NA haha
  14. Big Papa Gecko

    SVC Headers

    Alright, so color me confused. I know, I know, we only do SW or AR for headers, but the screw headers on svc are near their price point. Does anyone know what brand they actually are? whats the actual difference between the performance and factory connection?
  15. Big Papa Gecko

    Good Price for Used Shocks?

    Hey all, quick question, there's a set of used shocks up for sale at 250 bucks for all 4, definitely need rebuilt, but I'd like a second set for sending off. Is this a good price point? Yes I'm upgrading to fox 3.0 down the road but not in budget yet.
  16. Big Papa Gecko

    Coolant leak past Radiator Cap

    Hey everyone, running into a wall here. The other day I noticed some coolant spray in my engine bay when working on my marker lights, I pinned it down to a leaking radiator cap. I replaced the cap yesterday, but checked after getting to work today and its still leaking around the new cap. What...
  17. Big Papa Gecko

    TSW VS Forged Offroad

    I'm in need of inputs from anyone who has used either of these shops, or know anyone who has. My shocks dont currently need rebuilt, but I have a feeling they will be coming due. I plan on saving to do the 3.0 upgrade on all 4 at the same time, but with my wedding coming up mid next year, a...
  18. Big Papa Gecko

    Messing With "Trail Boss"

    So far in the Vicksburg area, I have run into two "Trail Boss" Chevys, they never want to play though. Has anyone ever gotten one to actually bite? Or maybe they are to worried about breaking a lifter?
  19. Big Papa Gecko

    The Joys of Used Raptors

    So, last night I decided to pull my driving lights, 3rd brake light, and mirror reflectors to vht and clear them. Whole project went relatively smooth outside of my dog messing with them when wet. On to the thread title, my passenger side marker light isn't illuminating, after looking at all...
  20. Big Papa Gecko

    Diving In (Interior vinyl wrap)

    So, ordered and put in my weathertech floor liners, starting tomorrow, I'm going to start digging into pulling all the brushed aluminum trim to wrap. I've looked at alot of videos, hoping it goes relatively smooth! Pictures will follow!
  21. Big Papa Gecko

    New in MS (misplaced Texan)

    Hi all! Checking in due to picking up my 2012 SCREW this coming Friday. I'm usually an F250 guy but rolled my last one and the diesel market is a little too crazy for me to get back into right now. Ex navy, figured I'd join a forum where I can share experiences with this new truck and find...