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  1. JefferyGT

    Cobb access port with TCM deals coupons???

    Hello everyone. Are there any dealers or sellers offering any discounts or deals on Gen 2 Cobb tuners with TCM capabilities? Thank you
  2. JefferyGT


    Thank you
  3. JefferyGT

    Check your Rubber Nubbins

    I had just noticed that I was missing these small rubber bumpers on a couple doors. They are push fit and obviously easily come out if bumped or brushed against during ingress and or egress. Dealer gladly replaced them but they had to be ordered. I went ahead and used some monkey snot adhesive...
  4. JefferyGT

    Factory Traction Bars Links

    What was the reason that Ford did not or would not design these rear links to the axle? .... Other than cost cutting. Because these simple parts really would not add relatively that much cost. Is there some engineering reasoning? Because I only see an upside in performance with this device...
  5. JefferyGT

    Good Ol' EcoBoost 3.5 #448AA

    A production 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine, #448AA, was randomly selected from the assembly line at Ford’s Cleveland engine plant. This engine had no idea it was in store for 163k miles of brutal endurance testing. #448AA was Shipped to dynamometer cell 36B in Ford’s Dearborn, MI engine lab and run...
  6. JefferyGT

    Msh moto intercooler clone

    I just received my FleaBay intercooler. For $300 I just bought it for shits and giggles. It's nice. I am definitely impressed with it. Looks cool. It dwarfs the oem but will fit perfectly with the fans. If I really need to I can spray paint a M logo on the front. But I'm not going to. Anyone...
  7. JefferyGT

    Wiper Blades

    Anyone else have an issue getting the original HD motorcraft wiper blades ww-2247? The ones I find are alternate part ww-2248 and are too dainty looking. I ended up taking the new ones apart and replacing original blades with new rubber blades. Works perfectly. Any other suggestions for...
  8. JefferyGT

    The Raptor Wave

    So I read that the Gen 2 Raptor people don't wave to the Gen 1 Raptor people.... Do you think the Gen 3 Raptor people will wave to the Gen 2 & 1 people? I damn well hope so. I always wave to all Gen Raptor people. Because ALL Raptor people matter.
  9. JefferyGT

    Hot Wheels Raptors

    Have you noticed that even the Hot Wheels and Matchbox market for these animals is pumped up! I just searched eBay and there are some wild prices for Raptor diecast.
  10. JefferyGT

    Cooler plugs

    When and what mods would require changing over to cooler temp plugs? Thank you kindly
  11. JefferyGT

    Blow off valve??

    Anyone running a bov? Do you recommend? Which one is recommended? Why? Cheers
  12. JefferyGT

    Turbo housing adapters?+21HP and +17TQ increase at the rear wheels!

    Anyone use these things? Serious gains for a bolt on. I have no affiliation with this company or product. A 100% stock 2017 F150 Raptor made +24HP and +43lbs of TQ at the rear wheels. SPD's high flow turbo exhaust adapters replace the factory adapters on 2011-2020 F-150 3.5L Ecoboost motor...
  13. JefferyGT


    So a couple weeks ago I was reading the posts regarding the notorious IWE grinding noise... So I went ahead and bought the updated vacuum hose. And literally today. Out of nowhere it started. So I installed the part. AD designation superceded the AC. Fingers crossed
  14. JefferyGT

    Ford for sale??? The Apple Raptor?

    There is chatter that Apple is looking to possibly purchase Ford.... Since Nissan acquisition fell through. Can you imagine a Apple Raptor? Ugh.
  15. JefferyGT

    Which upfitter switches to use?

    Apologies for possible silly question... Which upfitter switches would you use for lights? I know they have different amperage ratings. Assuming the led lighting pulls lower amperage than other accessories. How about the other switches? Would like to know other's experience with these upfitter...
  16. JefferyGT

    35s on stock 17s & suspension

    This has probably already been discussed... It's time for tires. Anyone upsize to 35s on stock wheels and suspension? Why did Ford go with specialized 315s???? Cheers
  17. JefferyGT

    Plastic Antenna Base Cap...

    Well apparently these plastic $1.88 caps are a hot commodity. I discovered that someone... Some idiot. Decided to remove it. Permanently. Upon closer inspection. They had actually used plyers and removed the antenna mast. Prayed off the cap. And half threaded my antenna back on. I guess they...
  18. JefferyGT

    I love this truck.

    Can I just say how Fcuking good this truck is. Amazing AF! Best truck evvah!!!! Thank you for listening. This damn thing does everything well. Pure satisfaction.
  19. JefferyGT

    Gen 3 XLT first contact

    I had the opportunity to thoroughly inspect and drive a standard 2021 f150 XLT 3.5. Nice truck. Very understated look. Sharp clean design. Front seats are way better than the Gen2. But not as good as Raptor. Interior quality decent. I envisioned it being way better. Cleaner design. 12" screen is...
  20. JefferyGT

    Locking Fuel Door

    I just installed my low budget locking fuel door. Not bad... Can easily be thwarted... But better than nothing.
  21. JefferyGT

    17,18 to 19,20 gauge update

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. Is there anyway to get the oil temp and other gauge options to show up in the center info screen on Gen 2.0 trucks? Cheers
  22. JefferyGT

    How to make your Raptor look cute

    Just park her next to that Raptor!
  23. JefferyGT

    King Raptor

    A combination of Sports and luxury off roading. King Ranch meets Raptor.
  24. JefferyGT

    12 inch screen retrofit

    Has any installed one of these? Looks cool.
  25. JefferyGT

    Start Stop insanity

    Best $60 I've spent on this rig. Start Stop Eliminator. I have no affiliation or skin in the game. Just want to spread the joy.