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  1. TheCzar

    Leitner ACS and Bush Company 270XT Max awning

    Touché...You win this one Papabeach
  2. TheCzar

    Leitner ACS and Bush Company 270XT Max awning

    I want a 270 awning now....thanks for spending my money
  3. TheCzar

    GEN 2 New guy, trading mustang for first raptor...

    Glad I don't have to make that choice yet. My '13 GT is babied and sits in the garage most of the time as well. BUT, I'm moving to nicer weather later this month so maybe I'll drive it more now :shrug:
  4. TheCzar

    Any way to tap into camera signals?

    If you figure it out, please post. I've been trying to figure out how to tap into the front camera and hook up a dvr for when I'm off-roading
  5. TheCzar

    Airhorn gen2

    I have my compressor & tank mounted to the frame (no drill even) under my passenger side. Been on there for over a year and have had it buried in mud many times, used its skid plates/brackets to scoop up mud while burying it, covered in salt (from road and salt flats), drug thru the snow, & sand...
  6. TheCzar

    How to detail your Raptor…

    I call next! 3 trips to the pressure wash bay and 1 hand wash later I'm still finding dirt
  7. TheCzar

    Raptor R realistic fuel economy expectations

    You need some better hobbies if you consider that fun
  8. TheCzar

    Roof Top Tent

    if you are concerned about dust getting in and there are gaps, i'd keep looking. RTT aren't cheap. I have a roam soft top, and i've had it covered in mud/dust and always clean inside when i find a place to camp for the night
  9. TheCzar

    Backflip mx4 vs Dimondback SE

    I waited months, but i bought during the early months of covid. I'm sure their customer service could give you a better estimate of stock/delivery
  10. TheCzar

    Backflip mx4 vs Dimondback SE

    I didnt get the diamond pattern because i dont like the look of it. I had the cleats pre-installed since I knew I'd be using much easier than me doing it and messing it up. Took me all day of measuring and re-measuring, then doing it 5 more times just to be sure before drilling holes...
  11. TheCzar

    Backflip mx4 vs Dimondback SE

    If the rear section of the diamondback is open, then yes the remote release will work and the tailgate will drop. If the diamondback is closed, you can still manually open the tailgate and get into the this all the time. I have a kayak have hauled it with it in the bed, tailgate down...
  12. TheCzar

    Backflip mx4 vs Dimondback SE

    No sagging at all. I went HD for being able to mount my RTT/toys/accessories/etc but if you aren't going to do that then the SE should be fine. The remote tailgate doesn't drop anymore, but it was something that was more of a "hey look what my truck can do" vs me actually using it
  13. TheCzar

    Backflip mx4 vs Dimondback SE

    I have the HD as well. You can still take the cover off if you absolutely need to. its been a few years and i just took it off to pressure wash all the mud/dirt that got into my bed from the "puddles" I drove thru in WY a few weeks back. easy enough to do by myself. and like @osprey6 said, can...
  14. TheCzar

    Cross-country Road Trip

    I just got back from a similarly planned trip with some on the fly adjustments due to weather. Overloaded and driven hard off road and had no worries about my truck
  15. TheCzar

    The Raptor in it’s Natural Habitat…

    When I went to the Raptor school, the salt flats were under water. I was bummed I couldn't venture out back then, but had so much fun this time
  16. TheCzar

    The Raptor in it’s Natural Habitat…

    I had no intention on being in Utah on my trip, but the weather wasn't cooperating so I figured why not
  17. TheCzar

    The Raptor in it’s Natural Habitat…

    Nevada..ok so maybe just along side the highway....angles b!t*h
  18. TheCzar

    The Raptor in it’s Natural Habitat…

    Hey, I was gone too and you didn't notice either
  19. TheCzar

    Help me decide between these two...

    I vote pods....kinda biased since I have the bomber front bumper with the LP6 pods
  20. TheCzar

    Looking for temporary seat cover options

    I have had these for the front for a few years now: Use them all the time in the summer after kayak/mtb trips. easy clean up in the washer after as well