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  1. Bubbasuwannee

    1 Year with our Gen 3

    Thought I'd put together a video with some of my thoughts on our Raptor, Raptors going forward as well as the R model. Pretty lengthy video, but there was a lot to talk about.
  2. Bubbasuwannee

    Towing ability…definitely impressed

    Just towed my Dad’s old f-150 that was giving to me after he passed. Trip was over 500 miles… FL to NC. Averaged 12.9mpg with a tow weight over 6k LBs. Figured I’d be lucky to get 10 with this amount of weight. A bit of squat in the rear as to be expected. If I was towing like this frequently...
  3. Bubbasuwannee

    Raptor Daily Driver?

    I’ve been driving the heck out of our 21’ Raptor. Just under 9500 miles. Lots of seat time as a daily driver.
  4. Bubbasuwannee

    RokBlokz Rock Guards for our Gen 3

    Ordered a set for a gen 2 and put together an installation video for our gen 3. Went pretty smooth. A few things to pay attention to, but anyone with any mechanical knowledge can figure it out.
  5. Bubbasuwannee

    Things I Love about my 3rd Gen Raptor

    Gotta take the good with the not so good, right?
  6. Bubbasuwannee

    5 Things I hate about my Gen 3

    Figured after 6500 miles on my Gen 3 I'd put together a couple of videos of the top things I like and don't like about my Gen 3 Raptor. First up is what I don't like.
  7. Bubbasuwannee

    Video of our Gen 3

    Put together a video of the interior/exterior of our new gen 3 Raptor. Had a lot of folks asking me to put something together like this for my YouTube channel.
  8. Bubbasuwannee

    Lomax Tonneau Cover from Offroad Alliance

    Just got a new tonneau cover for our Gen 3. Went with the same Lomax cover our Gen 2 had. Got it through Offroad alliance just like the previous cover. Shipped right out. Got it in just a few days. Fits like a glove.
  9. Bubbasuwannee

    JLT Oil Seperator

    Has anyone confirmed the 21' F-150 3.5EB oil seperator from JLT works on the gen 3 Raptor?
  10. Bubbasuwannee

    I had no plans on a Gen 3, but then this happened...

    Our 19' Gen 2 had been in the shop since late last month for cam phasers and for a bunch of other stuff over the past year+. My sales guy called me that a gen3 in black came in (ugh, worst color to maintain) but I sent the wife by just to take a look. She loved it of course. Long story short, we...
  11. Bubbasuwannee

    YAAY Me! Decided to Join the Cam Phaser Rattle Club

    19' Model purchased new. 41.5k miles. Just recently started rattling after not running for a couple of hours or overnight. Doesn't always do it, but most of the time it does. Not sure how Ford is handling these phaser replacement, software update, head replacement. Seems they're all...
  12. Bubbasuwannee

    GEN 2 2019 Transmission Failure after service

    Had our 2019 at the dealer just under 35K miles for a leaking(cracked) driver's side valve cover replacement(which they forgot to re-install the fill tube on the new valve cover). Had them change my oil/filter as well as the transmission fluid/filter. We do drive our raptor fairly hard and do a...
  13. Bubbasuwannee

    Beach Trip

    Got to take the Raptor out on the beach for the day(first time off-road since purchasing last month). My word does it do so much better than our old F-150. I know driving in some sand isn't really a challenge, but it was fun. I wished there wasn't as many folks there that day as I'd have liked...
  14. Bubbasuwannee

    Video Surprising my wife with the new Raptor

    Hey all, Thought I'd share a video I took of surprising my wife with her new Raptor. She'd been wanting one for quite a long time. I traded in my Mustang GT and our F-150 for the Raptor and wanted to surprise her.
  15. Bubbasuwannee

    New Raptor owner in NC

    Had wanted one for quite a while. Took a bit of a sacrifice by trading in both my 17’ F-150 XLT FX4 and 17’ Mustang GT, but it’s one hell of a truck! 802A package in Velocity Blue, graphics, tech and carbon fiber packages.