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    Question regarding shipping

    Mine said was going to be shipped in a week for the third time. Then two days latter my dealer called and told me it just showed up at the dealer .
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    After a decade of wanting one, I finally went and did it

    Been to Raptor Assault School twice. Learned things the truck can do is unreal. If from the midwest you will be able to drive on terrains that is not in the midwest. Worth going to , also if drive truck out try take extra day to drive your own truck . Have fun
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    GEN 2 Bicycle in cabin?

    I have rocky mount Rack in the bed of mine but most time just put in back if not using back seat . Im lazy easy to get raod bike out of back seat. Mountian bike i have to take the front wheel off. I just cover with old sheet or blanket . Im also cheap. Never had problems in back seat and feel...
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    Took my Raptor to the Mojave

    What was the name or locations of the trails you went on
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    Glove box separating

    My 2020 did same . Dealer looked at it said they had no problems shutting it. . I just slam it or push twice , it is not right
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    Bicycle rack for Carbon Wheels and other bicycle mounting options?

    I use the back seat or the rocky mt on my bikes . The rocky mount there is no drilling and takes up no room when not in use.
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    GEN 2 Debating on trading high mile raptor or keeping ?

    The only problems are 2 monitors that has the radio had to be replaced and lane departure had to be adjustusted
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    First trip in the new ride

    How did you find the forest service road is there a map somewhere to find them ?
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    GEN 2 Debating on trading high mile raptor or keeping ?

    Yes i drive to see my kids often they live 8 and 17 hrs away i want something that i depend on never had Ford before so do not know how much to trust it
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    GEN 2 Debating on trading high mile raptor or keeping ?

    I have a 2018 screw with 83000 miles , extended warranty runs out in Oct or 120,000 miles . I drove a Dodge Rebel and was not impressed think will miss Raptor . I was wanting to get other opinions and thoughts on keeping, getting a hold over 2019 or get 2020. Wanting to know if any difference...
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    Drill holes in the bed

    I used rocky mount it uses holes already in the bed . Uses the f150 rack . Takes up no room in the bed .