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  1. TexasAggie94

    Eye Spy a F-250 Shelby Super Baja

    Walking through the parking garage at the Domain and saw this beast. Didn’t know such a build existed. Anyone seen one of these before? Even had a GEN2 Raptor hood.
  2. TexasAggie94

    GEN2 Take Off Parts for Sale / New & Used

    Selling a few things after some recent upgrades this summer. All parts that are used were taken off at approximately 15,800 miles. Some things can be shipped, some are local pick up here in Central Texas or the immediate area. I can provide more details if you send me a note. All items are...
  3. TexasAggie94

    Is this Part from my GEN2?

    During my last service at the local dealer this small black rubber boot was sitting in my cup holder when The service was complete. I am pretty certain that this was not in there but when I asked the service manager and technician they had no clue. Any ideas?
  4. TexasAggie94

    2019/20 Ford Raptor OEM Wheels + BF KO2 Tires (Set of 4)

    ALCON, I am selling 4 x GEN 2 OEM wheels and BFG KO2s w/ 15,800 miles. I don't have any shipping options at the moment; just local pick-up here in Central Texas. Here is the Craig's List post: Please let...

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