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  1. Ruckus08

    SOLD: Four used Baja Designs LP6 Lights

    So glad you got them safely. Meant to follow up but lost your number. Thanks for confirming! Enjoy them!
  2. Ruckus08

    SOLD: Four used Baja Designs LP6 Lights

    I have 2 clear and 2 Amber LP6 Baja Designs lights for sale in great shape. Come with brackets and hardware but I do not have the harnesses for these. Asking $1250 shipped. Located in Nashville of y’all wanna pick them up. Please email [email protected] or call/text 530-906-5451. I’m...
  3. Ruckus08

    2019 Built Raptor 31K miles

    Will let you know if I keep anything on it guys. Unlikely, but I’ll ping you if I do.
  4. Ruckus08

    2019 Built Raptor 31K miles

    Will add that I may be willing to travel a bit for folks out of state that might be interested. I do have the truck financed through USBank, full transparency. We can walk into the bank together and make sure all it good from title perspective.
  5. Ruckus08

    2019 Built Raptor 31K miles

    2019 Raptor with many quality upgrades. Meticulously maintained. Tires only have few thousand miles on them. Once it stops raining I’ll get a few more pics of body all cleaned up. Build list in pics. One small ding on tailgate in last pic. No other scratches for blemishes. I may come down in...
  6. Ruckus08

    Ford Recall and Roush SC

    @Gman , I went through this with my Roush 2013. What the dealership told me was I had to remove my PCM so they could send to Roush. I told them never mind and replaced lead frame myself and never looked back. Tranny ran like a top after that. Sold the truck with 120K and never an issue.
  7. Ruckus08

    Question on Gen1 Touch Screen Synch

    I’d recommend doing a Sync3 upgrade. When I had my Gen1 I did whole thing for <$700. You can get a plug and play setup for cheap nowadays on Amazon even: 2021 SYNC 2 to SYNC 3 Upgrade Kit, Fits for Ford Lincoln SYNC3.4 MyFord Touch (MFT) Support Carplay/Customize UI/Wallpaper, Including GEN IV...
  8. Ruckus08

    A few more Desert Gems in need of New Home

    Couple things: 1. what roof rack is this? Like to get it for the Rap. 2. Looks like the Saturn has a small leak in the front pass tire. Prolly shouldn’t drive it until that gets fixed
  9. Ruckus08

    Back in a Raptor!

    Glad you went this direction. Congratulations on a beautiful truck!
  10. Ruckus08

    Headers and plugs

    I went with a Corsa sport muffler and had a custom lightning side exit done. Drone was very minimal. Really liked that setup.
  11. Ruckus08

    Towing with Supercharged 2014 Icon Stage 4?

    Those are the ones @michiganave . I also installed the AFCO heat exchanger with fans:
  12. Ruckus08

    Headers and plugs

    I’ve said this before, but if I knew the amount of work it was going to take I likely would have paid someone to do mine. I know it hurts now, but trust me…the alternative of doing it yourself is painful as hell. Hope you enjoy the Upgrades as much as I did. They sure made my Gen1 come to life.
  13. Ruckus08

    High Clearance Exhaust

    Sorry to revive this post. @zombiekiller , is some welding required to install the Wraith setup? I can’t tell if the mufflers are already welded together. Really love this setup. Just curious if I can install myself or if I need to take it somewhere. Thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Ruckus08

    New to me 2014 raptor owner

    Welcome and nice truck. Loved my Gen1. Nice to see more folks from the South on here!
  15. Ruckus08

    GEN 2 Keeping Our 2 Crew.

    That’s insane. I just paid 70 for a 2019…but with $30+K in upgrades and much lower miles. I still felt I was paying too much…
  16. Ruckus08

    Am I crazy for considering a ~$60k Gen1?

    Good luck brother. If it says anything at all I ended up buying a Gen2 bit ago and couldn’t be happier. That wasn’t the original plan but so glad I did it.
  17. Ruckus08

    Well…I just couldn’t do it

    It’s a great “tool” that I use a few times a week at home and on every camping trip. I use it to cook on and just to enjoy. Love it.
  18. Ruckus08

    Well…I just couldn’t do it

    I loved my Gen1. If I didn’t use it as a family, road trip and tow rig, I wouldn’t have sold it. I missed my Gen1 big time when I went to the diesel (clearly). However, I enjoy driving my Gen2 much more, enjoy it offroad and towing more, and it’s so quiet that it’s so much better as a family and...
  19. Ruckus08

    Well…I just couldn’t do it

    It’s an ‘18 Black Series. It’s heavy but can’t tell it’s there when towing and we’ve already taken it on two trips where people asked me how the hell I got an RV back there. We sure love it. My Gen2 tows better than my Gen1 did as well.
  20. Ruckus08

    Well…I just couldn’t do it

    I sold my heavily modded Gen 1 on FRF end of August, purchased a F250 because I wanted a large travel trailer. Fam and I took it offroad and on a few short trips. Long story short, the whole family agreed that the Raptor is the right truck for us. So, bought a very nicely modded 2019 with all...