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  1. Big Blue

    For Sale: (IL) Maxtrax mk11 recovery boards, NEW (2 sets available)

    For Sale: The original Maxtrax MK11 Recovery Boards in Orange and with straps. These are brand new, never used. On their site, they are $299 for a set (2 boards). Based on size, these are for pick-up only, I will not ship. Cash payment. I am located in Northern, IL 60069. PM me if interested...
  2. Big Blue

    For Sale: (IL) Pro Eagle Jack Cradle with no drill mount bracket.

    For Sale: 3 ton Kratos Pro Eagle Jack Cradle complete with No drill bed mount bracket. This set-up can be installed in your bed using the Factory Bed bolt locations, with no drilling into your bed. Jack not included. This cradle and mount cost $325 via each companies site. Price: $225. However...
  3. Big Blue

    Set of 4 - 37X12.5X17 BFGs and Methods mounted/balanced

    Hi All, For Sale, located in IL (60069) pick-up only, will not ship. Set of 4 - 37X12.5X17 BFG KO2s and Methods (MR316s) mounted/balanced. Bought these in November of 2020, used them for Snoball once and took them off last month. Tires have less than 1,000 miles and both are in perfect...
  4. Big Blue

    New +2 KHC Gen 2 Drop Shackles

    If you are looking for a set of drop shackles, here is a great deal for a brand new set. These are IMO the best and most stout out there from Krazy House Custom. I won these at Snoball but don't need them. They are $350 from them...
  5. Big Blue

    Welcome to FRF GooseTuned!

    FRF would like to extend a big welcome to GooseTuned, a new Supporting Vendor offering tuning packages for your Raptor. As we all know, a proper tune is one of the best mods you can do to your Raptor for performance gains, so be sure to reach out to GooseTuned with questions and inquires...
  6. Big Blue

    Pre-Production line shot of Gen 3 front fender/hood?

    There is a shot posted in a below thread of a catalog pic of the Gen 3 front fender/hood. Well, check out this pic and compare to the catalog pic....Looks legit to me.
  7. Big Blue

    I came across this today, not many stock Gen 1s with 20k miles left...

    If only it were a scab!
  8. Big Blue

    What are you looking for in a Gen 3? (With Survey)

    I still remember reading an article in USA Today back in 2009 about this new truck coming out called a Ford Raptor. I ordered one sight unseen a loved it from day one. We had a crap load of adventures across the country together. When the Gen 2s came out, the attraction was not the same and I...
  9. Big Blue

    Protecting your Raptor in the Winter from Corrosion

    I've seen a lot of threads recently having a common theme of how to protect your suspension/undercarriage in the winter. I live in IL 30 miles south of Wisconsin, so I'm know what nasty and salty winters can do to a Raptor. With the winter around the corner, I figured I would share my...
  10. Big Blue

    Protecting your Raptor in the Winter from Corrosion

    I've seen a lot of threads recently having a common theme of how to protect your suspension/undercarriage in the winter. I live in IL 30 miles south of Wisconsin, so I'm know what nasty and salty winters can do to a Raptor. With the winter around the corner, I figured I would share my...
  11. Big Blue

    Beware Want to Buy members! Scammers are out there.

    We have been seeing a rash of new members with 0 posts PMing Want to Buy posts with promises of goods or services. Please beware, do not trust anyone with 0 or a few posts that are also a new member if they PM you directly. If you get such PMs, report them to me. Thank you.
  12. Big Blue

    Just want to say Thank You!

    Hello FRF members, Just wanted to say Thank You to all the folks that have been great about marking an Ad as SOLD once they have sold there item(s). It really helps me keep this area fresh and flowing considering we sell Lots of great stuff here. Best regards and stay healthy! :happy160:
  13. Big Blue

    F/S: (IL) 2018 Gen 2 Take-off Front Shocks w Eibachs and Rear Shocks

    For sales are my factory take-off Gen 2 front and rear shocks. The fronts have Eibach springs installed on them. Shocks only have 12k miles on them, with 3k on Eibachs. They are in excellent condition and I am only selling since I have Fox 3.0s all around now. The Eibachs rode great and...
  14. Big Blue

    For Sale; Brand New RPG Tie-Rods Gen 2 (Black)

    I won these at Snoball but already have a set. They are brand new, never installed. They are beautiful and super stout. Gen 2 RPG Tie-Rods in black. They cost $725 shipped from RPG. Sale Price: $550 Hand Delivered to RTO Durhamtown event in March 2020 or shipped anywhere in the Continental...
  15. Big Blue

    Power Tank and Cravenspeed Gift/Discount Certificates

    Hello all, Just got back from Snoball and won a few items I do not need as I already have both. 1) Powertank 50% off entire purchase price Coupon. Needless to say, the bigger your purchase, the more you can save. GLRE confirmed this is for your entire purchase. As you can see by their site, if...
  16. Big Blue

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from FRF

    I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays across all of Raptor land. We are all very lucky to be owners of such incredible machines. I'm sure just like me, you each love your truck and have done a few minor or perhaps some major modifications to make it just yours...
  17. Big Blue

    Group Buys - Sellers and Buyers information

    Group Buys are a great thing since it gives buyers a typically rare opportunity to purchase a product or service at a discounted price as long as a minimum number of people also agree to the purchase. However, as everything in life, there are sometimes pitfalls that go along with a Group Buy and...
  18. Big Blue

    GJ Motorsports 3rd brakelight/chase light install video

    Lots of discussion on here regarding help/assistance with the installation of GJ Motorsports 3rd Brake light. The admin at Raptor Junkies put together this very informative and step by step video of the install.
  19. Big Blue

    Positive Thank you NEOGARAGE!

    I big thanks to Roman @NEOGARAGE for the excellent pricing, shipping and communication on my new Fox 3.0s. I ordered on a Friday and received two days later! Looking forward to buying from you guys again. Thank you!
  20. Big Blue

    Uneven Exhaust tips....easy Fix!

    Hi all, I noticed my exhaust tips were not even/level with each other a few months back. I offroad my beast and it's no show truck, but it started to nag on me. I have seen other posts here saying the same, one side is higher/lower than the other. So today I jumped under the truck and 5...
  21. Big Blue

    Eibach Pro-lift springs installed with pics and comments

    There does not appear to be a lot of good info on this forum regarding these springs. I was going to go with collars, but when I saw these from Eibach I had to give them a try. I have had Eibach lower springs on numerous cars and the stance was always spot on and the ride quality as good as OEM...
  22. Big Blue

    GEN 2 Auto Start Stop; Shut it off forever in 15 minutes.

    I hate the auto start stop feature and its always the first thing I turn off when I power up. I know there are tuning and scan options, but saw this easy fix and it works like a charm! Literally took 15 minutes from start to done and it's off forever!
  23. Big Blue

    F/S: (IL) 2018 Gen 2 Complete set - Take-off tires/wheels/tps

    For Sale: (4) Four Fresh take-offs from 2018 Raptor as pictured below. Wheels and tires are brand new and in mint condition. Will not ship or separate. Pick-up only* @ 60069, IL. Payment via Cash at pick-up. Thanks for looking : ) * I would also be willing to deliver to Snoball, but would...
  24. Big Blue

    Big Blue's Mobile Winch Project

    Hey everyone, I decided after 4 years it was finally time to get a Winch. But I didn't want to lose my Rigid, modify my ADD bumper or gain the extra nose weight. Additionally, from being a previous winch owner and living a Chicagoland, I know an exposed Winch can take a beating from the...
  25. Big Blue

    F/S: [Group Buy] Cyclone Mobile Grip Work Light

    Hello all, Now that the Rear facing Amber light bars are completed for the paid orders, I am now working on this new project. It's a 2,200 Lumen 12V mobile Work Light that has a fully enclosed metal frame with end caps. It features 2 KC white Cyclone LEDs attached to a Quick Fist clamp...