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  1. LouK

    give me the vin getting another one!

    With our new truck slated to arrive in the next 10 days i shot over my info to them, they gave me a more than fair offer. We have absolutely loved the truck, thanks to all on the forum for the vast knowledge!
  2. LouK

    Another dealer playing games

    Bill collwell Ford was decent enough from the start and was very helpful. I was on there list for approx 6/7 months and was up to submit an order for a 22. Had a signed contract which stated I gave them a deposit and they would sell at msrp. They are in fact selling at msrp, but the owner...
  3. LouK

    What do the graphics actually look like!

    If you go onto fords website and select the 37 package it shows the graphics as being more white, but the stock photo to the left with the code orange is absolutely more black. Then in this latest POV test drive it is a 37 package with a totally different graphics package! I know I know, "they...
  4. LouK

    Colorado off roading (Bit off more than we wanted to chew)

    We have been on a few off roading trips in the raptor but today i think we tested it just about as much as we could have wanted. I know some others are much more extreme than this, but the trail we went on very much rattled our nerves! First and foremost the raptor itself, absolutely perfect...
  5. LouK

    Illinois MSRP Dealer Allocation available as of 11 June

    Was calling around and happened upon a dealer with 2 unspoken for allocations. I was his first call surprisingly. I took his first allocation but the other is up for grabs,If anyone wants the info PM.
  6. LouK

    Dealer allocation

    Raptor connection posted a little bit ago that a dealer contacted him stating they received there allocation and it was 4. He didn’t say what dealer it was.
  7. LouK

    Low Oil Pressure Warning

    Was out driving today and turned left and gave some throttle. "Low Oil Pressure" flashes red and is showing zero, I coast over to the side of the road. Oil level is good, nothing blew out the back and no mess anywhere in the engine bay or under. Turn the truck back on everything normal. Truck...
  8. LouK

    Tuned Raptor VS TRX

    Fast lane truck did a few races here between stock and then tuned gen 2, also a supercharged gen 1 vs the trx. TRX won against the tuned raptor by about a half a truck. Overall I think the tuned raptor did really well having about an 80ish HP deficit.
  9. LouK

    SRS Airbag fault after steering wheel installation

    I installed a new OEM steering wheel yesterday all went fine, Reconnected battery fired up no issues. I then got a notice from Ford Pass that there was an SRS Airbag fault. All connections are clicked in properly and the battery was disconnected during install. I reused my original airbag. I...
  10. LouK

    Replace with Stock Steering wheel Or Aftermarket

    The previous owner appears to have worn quite a few rings or something to have eaten up the steering wheel. I am currently debating going with an oem one and they can be found for about 400, or something similar to vivid racing which is about 1000 when they give you the core charge back. I know...
  11. LouK

    New to me Raptor Owner

    Hey all picked up a 2017 that i found in GA. had been looking for months since my current truck lease is coming due. Have had it for only a few days now and love it. Have always been a ford family, my current garage has a 2019 Bullitt my 2017 GSXR 1000 and now the big ol girl. If by chance...