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  1. Ruckus08

    SOLD: Four used Baja Designs LP6 Lights

    I have 2 clear and 2 Amber LP6 Baja Designs lights for sale in great shape. Come with brackets and hardware but I do not have the harnesses for these. Asking $1250 shipped. Located in Nashville of y’all wanna pick them up. Please email [email protected] or call/text 530-906-5451. I’m...
  2. Ruckus08

    2019 Built Raptor 31K miles

    2019 Raptor with many quality upgrades. Meticulously maintained. Tires only have few thousand miles on them. Once it stops raining I’ll get a few more pics of body all cleaned up. Build list in pics. One small ding on tailgate in last pic. No other scratches for blemishes. I may come down in...
  3. Ruckus08

    Well…I just couldn’t do it

    I sold my heavily modded Gen 1 on FRF end of August, purchased a F250 because I wanted a large travel trailer. Fam and I took it offroad and on a few short trips. Long story short, the whole family agreed that the Raptor is the right truck for us. So, bought a very nicely modded 2019 with all...
  4. Ruckus08

    SOLD NEW Gen 1 ICON Suspension Parts

    First off folks, this isn’t the full suspension. It’s only ONE brand new Icon Zeta 3.0 Rear Driver Side shock and ONE brand new Front 3.0 coilover Passenger side shock. I’m hoping someone can gain from my laziness on these new shocks. I am located in Nashville area and would love to sell local...
  5. Ruckus08

    SOLD 2013 Terrain Roush 120K Miles, $30k in upgrades

    so you don’t have to search for it: Asking $40,000. Located in Nashville area, TN 2013 Roush Screw, 802a package. 120,000miles. Great shape. 2nd owner, and list of upgrades below all in last 20k miles. Brakes, lines, transmission flush, brake fluid flush, new lead frame, 5 new tires, all in last...
  6. Ruckus08

    SOLD** OEM HID Headlights & Ford Front Light Bar

    Hi all. Couple fresh Gen 1 takeoff items for sale. More pics further down: 1. SOLD OEM HID Headlights with all bulbs included and working. In great shape. Truck has 90k miles so there is some wear but in really great shape with no chips, breaks, or deep noticeable scratches. I have no idea...
  7. Ruckus08

    Gen 1 Roush 60mm Throttle Body and Upper Pulley

    -Roush 75mm pulley -Roush Twin 60mm Throttle Body -Roush fead belt -about 60k miles on them. Good shape. Not sure what to ask for these but I’ll try $150. Let me know if you have questions. I’ll clean the TB up a bit before shipping.
  8. Ruckus08

    GEN 1 Replacing Spark Plugs on Roush 2013

    Hi all. Well, this is my first attempt at formally giving back to the FRF community. Just got my 2013 Roush a few months ago. Hopefully this is helpful to someone. I recently purchased the 700hp JDM upgrade kit and installed it over the weekend. I am happy to answer any questions about the...
  9. Ruckus08

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