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  1. 2010 RAPTOR SVT

    Raptors at DTP 11/11/16

    I was at the plant today. The so called delay was a supplier issue with the lights in the grill? They was bringing in trucks left and right today since today wasn't a production day. Saw at least 2 dozen in the final inspect/ dyno/ repair section area. Alot of them had the yellow sticker on the...
  2. 2010 RAPTOR SVT

    Truck plant 11-11-13

    If your truck was built today I might of saw it at the truck plant. They wasn't kidding when they said they're upping production of Raptors. The Ruby Red is sweet...... Didn't see many Rubies, black is still the most popular. The Tremors are also a neat little truck. Saw what looked to be a...
  3. 2010 RAPTOR SVT

    My truck is on quality hold!

    Ford customer service called back today said my truck is on hold until further notice, no date set. Ford said dealers were notified and will be notified when released, too bad my dealer didn't relay that notice! My truck was built 2/16/12 blue flame supercab. Your probably in the same boat as...
  4. 2010 RAPTOR SVT

    I saw my newborn after birth 2/16/12

    Road trip to Dearborn turned out great, caught sight of my truck leaving the plant going to the transport area! Now I have to wait til it arrives at the dealer. I saw at least three dozen Raptors today. I heard it took 16.5 hrs to build my truck. It was GREAT!
  5. 2010 RAPTOR SVT

    11/11/11 Dearborn visit! Raptors being born!

    Visited the factory once again this yr. A few Raptors being built majority crews. The wheels look awesome. Race red looks good also with the fender flares all crews. They must still be waiting for the ok to ship as like last yr when I was there every parking lot was full of pickups. Rail cars...
  6. 2010 RAPTOR SVT


    Hi, been on the other forum long enough time for a change!