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  1. 2ndFord

    Brake Parts Advice/Opinions Appreciated

    I need to replace brakes at all 4 corners on my 2018 with 51K miles. I'm not looking for a performance upgrade. What are my best options for new rotors and pads to simply replace worn out originals? Does anyone have a recommendation for a particular brand or manufacturer, and what I should be...
  2. 2ndFord

    Tire Buying Advice

    Would appreciate opinions on replacing the factory BF Goodrich All Terrain TA/K02 LT 315/70R17 113/11Os on my '18. 44K mostly on-road miles, but wish they had more meat remaining before another Northeast winter. I plan on going with the same tires. Search of the dealer I ordered the truck...
  3. 2ndFord

    Transmission shifting problem

    Hi All, 2018, ordered myself so obviously first owner. Just passed 40K miles. Dealer serviced since new. Already had the cam phaser repair. That's been the only major issue, other than a broken moonroof track repair and then later a re-programing of moonroof that refused to stay closed...