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    Hanging at work.

    Commercials? They still have those? Haven't seen one in years. Nice truck, though!
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    For those that went to the Darkside (TRX)

    I averaged 20 mpg, and that was while driving through the smokies. Hit reset on the computer as soon as I got rolling. 60% SCC driving, except around most cities where it just isn't good enough to deal with fast changing, or stop-and-go, traffic. Tires were 38psi cold. It can be done!
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    For those that went to the Darkside (TRX)

    Just did a solo X-country trip like I do every summer. I pack a cooler with food and drinks and DO NOT STOP unless I have to. The Raptor's gas tank will outlast my bladder. Not including the initial fill-up, made it from SW Michigan to SW FL on one gas stop. I thought about buying a TRX...
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    Cell Phone Mount

    Anything beyond $30-$40 is a total rip off for a phone holder.
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    $109,145 Starting Price

    You guys are a bunch of sissies. Go big or GTFO. I told the dealer I'm good for his $85k ADM, the full TruCoat and some greasy, nitrogen-filled tires (only $499!). I hope the R decals are extra huge so the Starbucks baristas can see them.
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    GEN 2 Sold my Raptor and couldn’t be happier

    12 days later, still for sale, lowered $500 to $89k. That's not gonna cut it! Also the same exact ones here for sale two weeks ago are still there PLUS a couple more, all marked up with ADM. LOL.
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    GEN 2 Sold my Raptor and couldn’t be happier

    I really have to look closely to tell if what I'm seeing is a TRX. There are some visual cues that give it away. I do feel the same when I see Raptors in black, I have to look closely at them.
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    GEN 2 Sold my Raptor and couldn’t be happier

    No idea how many above, at, or below MSRP, there is no way to account for that. I've been watching TRXs mainly because I've been thinking about making the switch. Fewer MSO Raptors overall for sale from what I can see but it's also one year newer. Raptors will probably be affected if things keep...
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    GEN 2 Sold my Raptor and couldn’t be happier

    If anyone wants one of these and doesn't mind the cost to feed it, just wait a little bit. I've watched this and several other TRXs sit collecting dust on dealer lots around here. This particular one has been reduced +/-$10k since I started watching it in MARCH (it's now $89k). This is far from...
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    What's up with Gen 2 prices recently?

    I haggled at a "no haggle" dealership on a GT500 at the end of 2020 and got a good deal. 2020 was the last time I bought a car but I suspect they're REAL ***** about this policy now.
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    What raptor look do u like better? Gen 1 Gen 2 gen 3?

    The Gen 3, I just can't. It looks like someone took the palms of their hands and just smooshed it narrower. Too much black in the fascia contributes to that illusion, I think. And they largely hid those gorgeous A-arms, one of the things that made the Gen 2 look so serious and stout. The...
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    They’re ruining our fun fellas.

    Two things I miss dearly, this president and those prices.
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    They’re ruining our fun fellas.

    Last time this happened I bought a Prius. No, I'm not kidding. I dumped a Hemi Ram quad cab and bought a Prius (that's it in my profile pic). No, I won't be doing that again. But I also seem to remember roads got a lot emptier, demand for consumer gasoline dropped off a cliff and things calmed...
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    Locking Gas Caps?

    Thanks guys, ordering today.
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    Locking Gas Caps?

    Does anyone make a locking gas cap for Gen 2s that isn't insanely priced?
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    Thanks for reviving this thread. The Terro baits knocked them out, never saw another one after that and it has been about 6 months now. Highly recommended! I also read recently that an ozone generator would also be a quick way to get rid of them (while also knocking out smells and mold/mildew).
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    Purchased a sibling yesterday….

    Nice score, love the color. I bought a convertible GT500 on impulse a year ago. I do like having a 6 speed convertible, neither of these options are available on the new ones.
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    Yakima Bike Rack System

    $1,000 to mount your bike above the bed? Looks nice but I'll stick with my $70 hitch mounted carrier, or just throw the damn thing in the back.
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    Dealers Selling at MSRP Thread

    I remember how cocky these MFers were in 2007 and then when they tried to sell and rebate me $13k on a Hemi Dodge Ram not more than 20 months later. This was a truck that stickered for $29k at the time. Things can change fast, this won't last forever. That attitude will come back and smack you...
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    Is the Gen 2 an instant classic, styling wise?

    Gen 1 is a nice aggressive looking design. Somehow I ended up pacing 2 random Gen 1s in Tennessee on my way back to Florida, I thought they looked good. The Gen 2 is a fantastic design. Gen 3, it got softer looking to me. No interest.
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    Another Lemon goes back to Ford

    No offense, but this is a $70k+ vehicle and people rely on it to get to work, get their kids to school, etc. There should be no pushback when a customer comes in with a legitimate complaint regarding something that isn't their fault. You sell it, you understand it, now you go fix it if it isn't...
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    PSA: Lock up your trucks!

    I rarely lock or unlock with the fob. Usually lock with the combo or unlock by grabbing the handle. Don't know if that's dangerous or not.
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    Probably should have researched more before buying a 2019 Raptor

    Welcome to the velocity blue club. Mine's a 19 and solid except for an exploding sunroof about a year ago (total fluke).
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    The factory intercooler is located where the winch goes, so it has to be relocated. The SCC is behind the front plastic pad on the driver's side front bumper. In your case it might not have been relocated. Either way, not a super cheap or simple job. I'm thinking, at minimum, there are $3-$4k...
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    Front mounted intercooler and smart cruise control.