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    2010 1/2 Whipple Supercharged Fully Loaded Scab with 36,755 miles $48K

    This is a sad day for me for putting up my Raptor for sale. Unfortunately, my dreams of traveling the country in my Raptor when I retire have ended. I came down with pancreatic cancer from being a first responder at 9/11 The surgery (which ironically is called the "Whipple Procedure") and chemo...
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    Will this fit?

    I know it's not Ford but this is impressive, especially NA and pump gas!!! If they put that in their Trail Boss it would be a TRX killer HP wise.
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    Whipple HE fans

    So, one of my HE fans burned out, I got a replacement put it on only to find out the other old one was weak. It was pushing half the air of the new one, so I ordered another one. Finished
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    1200 HP TRX???

    I hate to post anything about Hennessy but here you go.
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    If Ford doesn't create a V8 for the next Gen Raptor, then......

    I will be going to this, Edition 1 of course!!! 1000HP and 11,500 Torque!!! And start researching THIS:
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    BIG PROBLEM with the Forum Search!!!!!!

    @Big Blue or any forum official. I've been wanting to complain about the forum search for a while now. It needs to be fixed, so us older members can help newer members get to threads!!!!!! Please Fix ASAP
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    SOLD......Gen 1 Craven Dead Pedal....Brand New

    2010-2014 Never Used, asking $50 plus shipping
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    Gen 3 Whippled Maybe?
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    Ranger Raptor in Germany

    Coming soon Ford website in Germany
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    Nikola's Badger

    Not a Raptor but impressive numbers 0-60 MPH 2.9 Seconds Peak HP 906 Continuous HP 455 Peak Torque 980 Ft. LBS 4x4 Independent Wheel Drive Range 600 Miles
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    R1 Concepts Brakes at Freedom Motorsports Inc.

    I've been doing new rotors and pads at the dealer for 8 1/2 years. I'm done!!! I only have 33,000 miles on my street king but this will be my forth brake job!!!! Supercharger and NYC's stop signs, red lights and the retards, take there toll on brakes. So I just order my R1 complete setup...
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    I thought something was wrong, when I saw SCT didn't have a Tuner for the Gen2.
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    6.6L Whippled Raptor

    Livernois 6.6L Whippled Raptor This video belongs to Cubdriver
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    GEN 1 2nd ESP Warranty Purchased!!!

    Well, my 7 year ESP Gold Warranty is expiring on the 18th of this month. Only have 28,217 miles on her. I do drive her everyday! The first Gold ESP paid for itself 3x over!!! So I went ahead and purchase another ESP Premium for 5/48,000 rolling deductible. ( $0 at my dealer, $50 at others )...
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    GEN 2 Whipple Performance Upgrade Kit and Tune

    Whipple Performance Upgrade Kit and Tune! I just wanted to get this out there: Whipple, known for its industry leading upgrade systems and technological innovations, has now brought the same technology to the...
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    Thinking about trading in your old for new?

    Supercharge it!!! Would be better with a Whipple of course. Only 336 rwhp for the Gen 2, so it's not so much the 450 HP but the 10 speed tranny doing 5.3 sec. 0-60
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    Base Price for 2017

    Base MSRP................$48,325 for Scab and $51,310 for Screw Total of Options.........$17,845....................$19,265 (every options selected) Destination Charges.....$1,195.................... $1.195 Total MSRPS..............$67,365....................$71,770 Available...
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    Moon roof Broken

    I tried using the search and found a thread where they said the whole assembly needs to be replace there are no parts to replace. I'm just making sure this is correct. I tried to open mine today and heard two popping noises and can hear something moving back and forth but the moon roof stays...
  20. MTF

    Starter Motor Bolts?

    I found out that I'm missing bottom bolts and the stud bolt for the two ground wires was loose. Well I was able to get the bolt info from my dealer (M8- 35 mm long). But he said there are three bolts in the parts diagram, two regular and one stud. I can only get my hands so far, I cannot feel...
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    6" Width?

    Is this a mistake or did Ford make the 2017 narrower? Quote: "With a body that's six inches wider than the standard F-150" Here's the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew You've Been Yearning For
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    TT Raptor from the HPP camp!

    This was posted today on Facebook. Highest horsepower TT Raptor ever from the HPP camp! HPP Racing built motor, HPP Racing ported heads, Boost activated Cutouts! etc.. Another $200-300K + engine build like Biggest did on his Whippled Raptor.
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    Front OEM Floor Mats

    I only need the drivers actually.
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    10 rib belt system for Whipple for new 5.0L

    Calling all Whipple, Roush, Procharger and all NA Raptor Owners!!! Please Vote to express interest in getting this mod manufactured! I know it's not a Raptor, but we need to push for an 8 rib serpentine system for the guys that are pushing their Raptors limits. We need more people interested...
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    Rogue Racing Traction Bars

    Having been plague with wheel hop for almost 5 years, I finally am doing something about it to fix wheel hop permanently!!! I have try the National SD they did nothing for wheel hop, didn't want to go HD because I ride with no weight in the back. So I cannot comment on the National HD. My...