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    Dsp input /output voltage

    should I set my dsp output voltage , to match the input voltage comming from the zen nav tv , with I believe is 2.1 volts rms and 6 volts max . Or do I set my dsp based on the head units output voltage, then adjust amp gains accordingly? I measure the bit one at volume 28 , 0db , bit one set to...
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    Audison drc

    just as the title says ,where is the best place to mount this ? ,I was think the top of the drivers knee panel to the left of the steering wheel .
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    Part question

    Anyone know a part number for the plastic trim piece in the photo , to the right of the seat belt Buckle ,on the side of the seat , or what it is called , i have the part removed it has part numbers on the back but nothing comes up on numerous ford part sites.
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    how to remove rear c pillar

    anyone have a link
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    new dsp

    just purchased an audison virtuoso dsp, back story I have a audison 5.1k hd amp , do I set the gains in the amp and dsp ,or just the dsp and disable the gains at the amp ,im assuming I do the same for the crossovers ,set them in the dsp and set the amp to full.
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    Did a little road trip this weekend , averaged 19.2 to a gallon , cruise control 65 no ac Goose tuned via Cobb , went 690 miles on a full tank not bad .
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    Pano roof

    Was greasing my sunroof , as my once a year maintenance . Noticed the pass side gasket has a crack in it , anyone else have this issue?
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    Wiper adjustment

    Tried adjusting my passenger side wiper a to line up with the defrost element. I remove the little silver wedges , if I adjust the arm so it sits right on the element the minute I use my wiper it sits above, if I adjust it under the element , Thinking when I use my wipe is it’ll sit a little bit...
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    Popping sound clunk

    Not sure how to explain this , so I was pulling out of Home Depot from a complete stop i here a pop from the rear when take off , today aprox a month later I give it some juice and I’m doing 50-60 I hear the same pop .somtimes when I come to a complete stop ,I hear and feel it ,almost like...
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    rear speakers

    if I disconnect my rear speakers ,what will it affect ,back up chimes , alarms Ect
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    mti acoustics

    just got my mti acoustics enclosure ,tried to remove the terminal plate ,4 screws ,after that it wont budge ,is it that tight ? need to run my wire from the subs to it . or is mti acoustics suppose to prewire it and leave me some wire in the enclosure to wire to ,and they forgot ?
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    New amp installed

    Finally installed new amp 75 per channel watts back 250 per channel front 1000 to the sub I set the gains with -10db tones total money spent zen 540--kx2 -1299-amp -2000--mti under the seat inclosure 1600,subs for it 900. mic -door sound deadning -amp racks ,power wire ,speaker brackets...
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    Zen and pac audio

    I’m having a brain fart , I have the pac audio speaker harness , 1 male 1 female connector Grey . The zen also has a grey connector as well male . The truck has 1 20 pin male grey connector , Does the the zen female plug into the pac male , then the pac female into the trucks male . Mind u I...
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    amp rms vs speaker rms

    if I use a 250 watt per channel amp with 120 rms focal k2 am I going to blow them ? the amp will run thru passive crossovers so I assume that will eat up some power.
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    Amp upgrade

    I have 4 gauge power and ground , for my current amp , down passenger side to rear wall , I would say 16 feet max . I’m switching to a audison 5.1k amp ,1650 watts Is 4 gauge enough ? The amp is 75x2 250x2 1000x1 all at 2 ohms . The amp has a 100 amp fuse built in , so I assume it does not...
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    amp rebooting

    my setup is rd900/5 zen navtv ,its been in for about a year twice in the last few months the amp shut off and turned back on like I lost my remote turn on 12v signal . tomm I will recheck connection tightness . I got the 12v turn on from the zen ,I believe it was the blue wire .its going to be...
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    oil change

    finally my 4th oil change an finally no mess ,wtf was ford thinking with oil filter location ,and drain bolt to far back .
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    On the Cobb access port , is stage 0 the stock tune .
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    cam phaser rattle

    1 - if u have it ,is there a point to getting the pcm update 2- if it is the rattle ,which I don't care the noise does not bother me ,will it hurt anything ? 3-if it is rattling ,is that a prelude to a failure ? 4- have the gen 3 fixed this issue ?
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    Finally done, stereo upgrade

    Finally completed my stereo I did put in the focal kx2 up front, the door photo is with the old focal flax and old crossovers After all the work and research , came out pretty good, as I’ve never done any stereo upgrade in my life . May change the amp to a 6 channel and go active...
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    upgrading headunit

    did all the usual stereo upgrade stuff ,front components ,amp ,subwoofer ,much better than factory b and o . can the headunit be upgraded ,how hard is it ? not looking for the big screen stuff . looking for a simple ,alpine or pioneer 8 inch upgrade
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    Engine code

    Keep getting code p04db every now and again .I have Afe cold air kit , I checked all the coneections , I checked to see if the plastic tube insert for the pcv spun it was fine , this kit has been on for about a year . I’ve reset the cel twice, is there a way to tune out the error
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    Cobb tune and the new phaser software update

    if I get the new phaser update ,can I reinstall my stage 2 Cobb tune after its done ,or will it overwrite the ford software and be back to square 1
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    Cel light

    Got a check engine light today for air in take leak , I do have after market cai , I checked everything, as the intake as me has been on for a year , found nothing . Reset light and it did not come back on . Am I missing something lol . my intake is an afe ,I wonder if the little plastic tube u...
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    quick question , I have a 5 channel amp ,front component set of speakers ,rear coax ,and a sub ,the front use a passive crossover that I used ,does it matter what I set the crossover on the amp ,since its already being filtered by the passive crossovers , meaning is the amps setting being...