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  1. weimer

    Guys with Sync 3

    I'm getting close to going this route on my truck. Any regrets form guys that have done this mod? Looking forward to apple CarPlay.
  2. weimer

    2020 pricing

    So I'm looking at a white 2020 with 22,000 miles, basically loaded with everything but decals and recaro that is listed for 73,500. I know the sticker price was 74,500 or so. Dealer says they will come down to 71,000. I plan on keeping it long term as long as there are no major issues with it...
  3. weimer

    Positive Freedom Motorsports/Got Exhaust

    Just wanted to say thanks to Rick from Freedom Motorsports/Got Exhaust. Got a great deal on a lomax bed cover with fast shipping!! Very easy transaction.
  4. weimer

    2013 Rear window water leak(not 3rd brake light)

    So I have water leaking in from the rear drivers side corner of the headliner. I've already replaced the 3rd brake light. It looks like it's leaking from the rivet that holds the molding to the cab on the roof near the back window. Anybody else have, or heard of, these rivet areas leaking? I'm...
  5. weimer

    Xd monsters

    Thinking about getting a set of wheel and tires for my truck. Looking at a set of 18" black monsters with 35" toyo mt's. Anybody have this combo? Pics?
  6. weimer

    Anybody running Mickey Thompson ATZ p3 tires?

    Considering these tires. Looking for any reviews on them. Thanks.
  7. weimer

    New guy

    Been here a little while and figured I'd show a pic or two. Already added weathertech floorliners, bedrug, and a roll-x tonneau cover. Love it.
  8. weimer

    Methods and bottom perch??

    Will the method wheels and stock tires fit without rubbing on the bottom perch? Thanks.
  9. weimer


    Hey Morrie, looking to order some parts. PM sent.
  10. weimer

    Possibly ordering a raptor

    Anybody order a raptor with out driving one? Thanks