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    My 2023 rolled order just got scheduled for 10/17/22. 37 package, Avalanche Grey

    I got my vin and build date today for my 2023 Ford Raptor 37 avalanche with recaros …October 24 build week….sounds like quite a few are scheduled for October …I have a feeling we may need to part share to actually get delivered trucks …I wonder what luxury or chip controlled device will be...
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    What would you do? Raptor vs Wrangler 392

    I had a 2021 Jeep 392, replaced with 2022 Jeep 392 XR---only cost me $1600 to upgrade from a 2021 to a 2022 xr so i did....the 2022 accelerates better than the 2021 ...better gearing...but the ride is slightly 2021 Jeep 392 had factory fox shocks and had a really plush ride...nothing...
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    I have info on an available 22 Raptor with a 5,000$ ADM

    As the price of 2023's continue to climb...some ADM isn't entirely a bad choice / option...I have a 2023 37 on order and it is $ 2021 37 was $79K....5k ADM, as much as it sucks, appears to be part of the buying process these days....Strange economic times where one may have to suspend...
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    Fewer 2023 Allocations?

    I would like to believe the dealers that are getting more allocations in 2023 are being rewarded for proper and ethical business practices ...
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    Fewer 2023 Allocations?

    So my dealer just confirmed they went from 12 raptors in 2022 to 3 total for 2023….it is a small dealer but they were told they only get 3 for 2023…so I guess some dealers are getting fewer for 2023. Just what we needed…lol
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    Brand new order

    I am still surprised that people actually believe 1 or 2 elected people actually run this country...the special interests and corporations that keep the party going make the decisions these days...I guess you think Trump is a leader that could have avoided these current economic condition...
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    New 2022 AB 37 Package Available

    hi--- I called and they said they had a black 37 sold yesterday ...maybe the AMB was already sold...thank you for sharing the info...they seemed like a reasonable dealer ...good to know there are a few out there
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    Raptor R

    Take everything the OP states and be skeptical...He is a dealer and makes promises under the guise of being a fellow forum member here to help us out...He is here to make money (in this case alot of money on ADM's). I have helped 2 members here get raptors at MSRP ---in the past 1.5...
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    Ford Blue Cruise Refund fiasco...

    You are lucky to find a dealer with integrity and professionalism.
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    Ford Blue Cruise Refund fiasco...

    I am trying to receive a refund from Ford in the amount of $795 for the Blue Cruise omission on my 2021 Ford F150 Raptor....A fellow member (great person by the way) on this forum provided the basic information needed to recieve the refund. I have read that some have recveived the famous...
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    Moonroof Issue, Advice needed

    I would avoid having the headliner removed. No leaks …why potentially make one.
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    Warranty on moonroof part?

    So it was "Gone with the Wind?" sorry I couldn't resist I am sure it would be covered ...
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    Most likely ready to sell my 2021 Raptor 37

    I admit I don’t know the full history of his or really anyones posts …if someone’s acting like a jack ass then they deserve what they get — especially if someone puts someone else down…one problem with Forums and texting…the message can and often gets delivered with an un-intended meaning. Be...
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    Possible black gen 3…how would I keep the paint looking pristine?

    Owning any black vehicle is a part time job...You said, you are particular? Simple...don't get a black will never enjoy it....its get dirty literally as you wash it...wash one side...the other gets dirty....Do they look great? Yes...the trucks that are obessesed over and have $3K...
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    BlueCruise Refund

    RaptorCDH Full Access Member JoinedAug 26, 2017Posts186Reaction score219 I cannot confirm that....sorry...My better half believes that "Jack" is my buddy in Texas that hooked me up with a Raptor...and Jack is a middle aged, slightly overweight car guy---just like me....Nothing to see here...
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    Enclosed trailer Utah to L.A. Recommendation?

    Don’t ship it by trailer. The truck is to wide and unless the trailer is designed to hold oversized it may get damaged during transport. The vehicles sway a little bit inside a trailer during transport. My .02 cents. Use intercity or the like and avoid the potential damage. Good luck...
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    Available 2022 Raptor 37 PP

    Another reminder to never believe anything that is "said" and get everything in writing...After getting a "hot" lead on an available 22 Raptor with 37 Package here on the forum...I was feeling pretty fortunate and yes lucky to get the truck offered to me....The "if its to good to be true"
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    She finally arrived!!!

    You can tell by the headlights....cmon eveyone knows that!! Beatiful AMB!
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    New Member/Owner 2021 Lead Foot

    Congratulations----Leadfoot is an amazing easy on the eyes and a dream to own....Enjoy!! Its my favorite color but I am slightly biased ....I really like the looks of your rims --- Good times ahead for you!!!
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    Did the dealer tell you not to drive it? How bad was the damage? Any pics ? Is Ford geting you a loaner vehicle?
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    Hi---Thank you for the help

    Hi---Thank you for the help
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    Raptor to Shelby F250

    Congratulations on getting the truck "you" wanted!! Enjoy every mile!!!
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    Seeing that Ford announce that the Raptor R is really coming..

    Your idea of direct sales sounds good and given the current climate of ADM ‘s along with the public’s loathing of car dealership and their earned reputation to take advantage of customers. First, I hate ADMs and will never pay one. I think that the manufacturers and dealerships that allow...