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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    correct, +0 for the 703s that I have.
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    BlueCruise Refund Info / Poll

    I received my refund check a few weeks ago now. Just for reference, ford "stamped" my letter that I sent in on June 21st and the check was dated August 16th... so it took them almost two months from when they received/approved the letter to actually cutting the check. I don't recall the date...
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    Dealer - taxes, title, registration

    I purchased out of state as well and had a very similar situation, although my state charges closer to 10% lol... F-me... But, I did end up getting a small refund check from the dealer. My dealer used a 3rd party for this service so I did pay a "convenience fee" too.. In hind sight, if given...
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    SVC 1.5" Collars - Impressions

    I’m working with SVC now to exchange the “old ones” for the newly machined ones. I had purchased them back in January but never installed them as I wanted to see/hear peoples impressions of them first. Then when I saw/heard all the negative feedback, I just kinda chalked it up to a loss on the...
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    Help me decide

    Damn, too late to reply I guess... I'd say keep the Methods. But stock PP wheels look nice too. Couple questions for you: is your truck leveled? And did you spray the rear fender wheel wells? Truck looks really good in general.
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    SVC 1.5" Collars - Impressions

    Just wanted to share that I sent a note to SVC and asked if they can exchange the new ones for the old ones and they said yes. To be fair, I never installed the first ones as I was waiting to see other's impressions first. I'm not sure what they would have said if I had installed them..
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    2021 Raptor Wheel well liners?

    Has anyone that ordered these received and installed them yet? If so, please send pics.
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    Registering Out of State Raptor in California

    Guadalupe Landfill. Went at like 3pm on a Saturday, in and out in less than 10 mins.
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    Any chance you can snap a pic on level ground? (It looks like your driveway is slanted so it makes it tough to really gauge how level it is.. or not) I have the SVC collars sitting in a box and I’ve been waiting to see some pics before actually installing them or not :)
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    New Front Bumper for Gen 3

    Where are these photos taken?
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    35s, no collars, and correct :)
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    Registering Out of State Raptor in California

    Not to hijack your thread here, but I’m curious if any of the other CA buyers (that signed paperwork in 2022) had to pay this “tax”: City Road & Bridge Insurance & Reg Processing Fee Anyone see this on their sales sheet?? Cost me a lot of money.. lol $1142
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    Registering Out of State Raptor in California

    Bought my Gen 3 from Doggett in Houston. They’re using a 3rd party to handle it like mentioned above. But I did have to weigh it, smog it and VIN check it, that’s all… I weighed it at the local Dump as they’re an official weigh station in Santa Clara county, smogged it (you can do this at any...
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Thank you!! I’m really loving it :)
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    Oxford White Gen 3 Pics please

    Stock height, I bought the SVC collars but have not installed them yet...
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    Drive Modes / Exhaust Modes Pros and Cons

    I’ve been driving mostly in Normal/Normal, but I’ve found myself switching the exhaust into quiet more than I thought I would. I will say this though, Sport mode (not in manual) has been really impressive when it comes to downshifting at high speeds and holding gears. @Pitboss02 and @Cookie...
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    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    Thanks! It has not been leveled yet.. based on measuring form the ground up, the front sits almost 2in lower than the rear. I purchased the SVC 1.5in collars but need to have them installed.
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Here’s a better pic of the full truck. Thanks again to Justin @Pacific Wheel . Method 703s
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Poor quality pic of the full truck but wanted to get these on here. Shout out to Justin @Pacific Wheel for hooking me up on the Method 703s and staying on top of fedex :)