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    How to remove metal speaker grill from rear passenger door on 2021 raptor

    It’s a 2021 ford raptor. I had a box in the back seat and while driving it moved and put a dent in the metal speaker grill. How do I take it off I ordered a new one from Ford and it came in today. I tried googling it I don’t see anything anywhere Ford says it just clips and I can’t figure it...
  2. new raptor

    21 leadfoot paint chipping!!!

    My 21 ford raptor drivers side fender paint was chipping off. I took it to the ford dealer and they painted it 3 times. I got it back today and the color match is not right again. So this is the 3 time so I think it’s a Lemon. It also came back with reverse brake is not available. So I don’t...
  3. new raptor

    Power on board turn off…

    I have not seen how to shut it off. You have to turn it off each time you start the truck. If any one knows how to keep it off please let me know. Thanks.
  4. new raptor

    My ford raptor has 2 recalls any one else get this?

    My ford pass just came up with this. It’s 2 recalls.
  5. new raptor

    New oem 2021 ford raptor rims for sale in San Diego

    Just got my 2021 Ford raptor change the rims have the OEM 17 x 9 rims available. $1000 obo
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    How to cover black side pillars on 21 ford raptor

    I just got my 21 Ford raptor and the same pillars that are black have a little swirl marks I can’t stand it how do I cover them anybody have any good ideas
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    I have a 2022 ford raptor ready. I got a 21 instead

    I had 2 raptors on order and 1 came in early so I got that one. I have a white 22 with 35 with 801a high that came in early. So they just texted me it’s in. I would bug it but I have one already. Let me know if you want it. I can give you the info. They gave it to me at msrp.
  8. new raptor

    Just got my 21 raptor in production!!!!0

    I would like to know if I will have mine ship after that or will it sit till the end of the year.