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  1. tooloud10

    Out of Round METHOD Wheels.

    Honestly, if you installed a front lift at the same time as a set of inexpensive aftermarket 20" wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson tires, I'd have been more surprised if you *didn't* have a vibration.
  2. tooloud10

    Best Winter Tires for Gen2?

    The stock KO2s are a no brainer here because they are a Severe Snow rated tire.
  3. tooloud10

    ok mall / street rats.....what millage are you without doing the shock rebuild?

    Money and time, the same things you gain by not paying for anything unnecessary.
  4. tooloud10

    ok mall / street rats.....what millage are you without doing the shock rebuild?

    This is the kind of thing you have to take with a huge grain of salt. My truck is mostly street driven, I'm around 55k miles, and I can't imagine paying to have the shocks rebuilt simply because they manual says to do it at 50k. I'll do it when they leak or I notice that they're worn out, just...
  5. tooloud10

    Honesty.. Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    Are the Nittos rated for Severe Snow? If not, that alone would be a dealbreaker for me.
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    For all this money...

    Looks great, I'm looking for something similar. Did you install it yourself? What was that process like? They were an option on my daughter's Honda Ridgeline.
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    Waterproof, secure tonneau cover - is DB the only option?

    I’m extremely pleased with my Retrax XR. It feels very secure and almost no water gets in—the only reason anything might get wet is because of the way the bed and the tailgate fit together at the bottom.
  8. tooloud10

    Graphics package question

    They were separate options. My truck is the same way and the bed graphics are the only missing option. I did peel the hook stickers off after they failed within a couple years--don't regret it at all.
  9. tooloud10

    Gen3 Towing capabilities

    The payload and tongue weight is usually the limiting factor: Overall towing capacity: 8200 lbs - 6450 (trailer) - 50 (WDH) = 1700 remaining capacity Tongue weight capacity: 820 lbs - 658 (trailer) - 50 (WDH) = 112 remaining capacity Payload capacity: 1400 lbs max (my Gen 2 is only 1079) -...
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    Yep, it's a given so I'm not sure what answer anyone is looking for here. I could feel a difference in handling just from installing a RetraxPro and bed rack--I can't imagine how crappy my Raptor would drive if I tried exceeding the payload/hitch/towing capacities.
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    There's no way to do the math on this that doesn't result in that trailer being way over the payload/hitch/tow ratings of the Gen 2 Raptor.
  12. tooloud10

    Temporary Plate Expiring...

    Titles and registration are a nightmare for out of state vehicle purchases right now. I bought my Raptor in December '20 and didn't receive plates until July '21. There is a company somewhere out east called RegUSA that handles a lot of this paperwork for dealers and apparently the whole company...
  13. tooloud10

    Rolled my 3 day old truck

    I think it will likely be totaled as well but one thing that has changed in the last few years is that it takes so much more damage to consider a vehicle 'totaled' any more. Seems like it used to be 50-60% damage would total it out, but I just had a car with 72k damage that the insurance company...
  14. tooloud10

    Stolen - 2019 black CCSB - from driveway

    Damn, sorry to hear--seems like a lot of Raptors get stolen. Unfortunately I disagree with everyone hoping that you get it back. The only thing worse than having an expensive vehicle stolen is getting it back. Once it gets taken, you do NOT want it back.
  15. tooloud10

    Newbie towing question-please advise

    I wouldn't do a long tow of an X5 like that for exactly the reasons you mention, but no doubt there'll be any number of people scoffing that the limit means anything.
  16. tooloud10

    Would you buy the warranty?

    If it made any sense to buy extended warranties for an additional cost, they wouldn't exist.
  17. tooloud10

    Oem tri Fold

    I considered the tri-flip models and then sprung for the Retrax Pro when Amazon had a deal for $1700. I don't regret a thing and can't imagine I would like a cover better than this.
  18. tooloud10

    Front Runner Slimline II install

    I'm honestly not sure either but I assumed that since they included it there must be a good reason so I dutifully followed the directions and installed it. Again, the part number that I bought was specifically advertised as the solution for a Gen 2 Raptor with a Retrax bed cover, but what you...
  19. tooloud10

    Front Runner Slimline II install

    Also, I installed the wind deflector per the instructions, and as soon as I placed the platform on the legs I realized that the deflector completely prevents you from installing the bolts on the front pair of legs. I removed the deflector and tossed it aside. Can't say I've noticed any wind...
  20. tooloud10

    Front Runner Slimline II install

    I actually thought the same thing but was able to correct it. Some things I learned while installing the rack: 1) The legs need to be attached to the T-slot rails as far 'forward' as possible towards the center of the bed in order to limit the distance from the opposing leg on the other side of...
  21. tooloud10

    Looking For Creative Bike Mounts

    I've been running Kuat NV 2.0 hitch-mounted platform racks for a few years now and absolutely love them. This solution is easy on your body, easy on your truck, and easy on your bike versus just throwing them in the bed, with or without a tailgate pad. Recently added a Frontrunner bed rack that...
  22. tooloud10

    Hard shell roll up Tonneau cover options

    I have been extremely pleased with my RetraxPro XR and can't imagine that I would prefer any other cover. It just looks and feels so much more 'polished' than anything else I've seen.
  23. tooloud10

    Bad Experience with Xpel installer @ Seattle Clear Bra

    Assuming that the cost is about the same for a regular F150 Screw, that means they're charging 20% of the cost of the vehicle to apply this junk. I don't know what the right number is but I sure don't see the value considering that the resale will be the same as a truck that had a cheap detail...
  24. tooloud10

    Front Runner Slimline II install

    Thanks, I appreciate the info. I did order the 'officially' recommended Slimline II bed rack kit for the Raptor/Retrax and have figured out the answers to the other questions I had. I was mostly worried about why the height looked drastically different for this kit in different pictures. Turns...