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    TPMS Reset Tool Question

    I purchased a new set of Ford F150 TPMSs that came with a reset tool. I know the reset tool will work to allow the truck to recognize those new sensors in the new wheels. My question, if I put the original wheels/sensors on another truck, will that same reset tool allow the old sensors to...
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    NGauge SOLD

    This is the nGauge I purchased from MPT with tunes for my 2019 Raptor that was sold. Included are the nGauge, OBD cable, SD card, and original box. This was never installed in the truck, just cabled a few times to load tunes. $150 delivered CONUS....... .
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    E&G Safe if anyone needs one...

    In classifieds. Selling my ‘19 Truck. Thanks..... .
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    E&G Safe (SOLD)

    I’m selling my 2019 Raptor and pulled the E&G safe out. I’ve used several console safes and consider this the best. Fits Gen2 Raptor’s. While it includes the installation hardware, it does not include the flat plate that goes under the console so you will need to pick one up from E&G. $175...
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    Another Blow to the Raptor R

    FCA is now certifying certain RAM TRX Dealers as 'Power Brokers' for their similar Direct Connection modifications. It appears there will be 3 Stages of mods that when installed by these dealers are fully warranted. Stage 2 looks like an upper pulley and tune, ~+100 HP taking the TRX to...
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    Looking for Pics of AntiMatter Blue 37 Trucks....

    Anyone have large, (hopefully) high resolutions pics of clean 37 AMB trucks, especially profile shots? Most pics I've seen have either been of dirty trucks, poor lighting, odd angles, etc.. thanks! .
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    Gen 3 Final Power Numbers.....

    I find it very curious that we’ve ...still... not seen final power numbers published by Ford given trucks are now being shipped. Sure we’ve seen reports that “Ford has confirmed power numbers” from 3rd parties, but nothing from Ford. Why? Ford HAS stated the G3 trucks will be powered by the...
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    Power Source Behind Rear Seat

    I need ~1amp switched (accy/on) 12vdc behind the rear seat on my 2019 802a truck for another camera (Garmin Mini2), is there a plug or wire around the amp on the drivers side I can pull from so I don’t have to go all the way to the front fuse block? I will fuse it and step it down to camera...
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    Rear DashCam Power Source?

    I'm mounting a rear-facing dashcam to my 2019 802A truck and need a switched power source. I see a pair of plugs on the amp behind the seat on the driver's side, top is a 6-wire plug and below it is a ~12 wire plug. Those are in a perfect location for the camera, before I check all the pins...
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    When will 2022’s Be Orderable?

    Any updates on when the 2022’s will be orderable? Thanks .
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    Wet Carpet and Tech Bulletin 19-2345 Condensate Drain

    I happened to remove the front passenger floor mat on my Nov-2018 build 2019 truck and the carpet was soaking wet. The rubber mat was dry as was the rest of the carpet in the truck. The last time I had the mats out was ~2 months ago and everything was dry at that time. I called the...
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    Rear Backup Sensor Part Number?

    The right rear sensor on my 2019 is acting up during heavy rain and alerts and shows a red indicator when backing up, If it’s not heavily raining it’s fine. Anyone have the part number? I’d rather fix it myself than take to a dealer. Is there any troubleshooting? I’m going to insure the...
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    Drive Control Malfunction, Service Required

    My 2019 developed this error ~6 Weeks ago. Initially it was intermittent, I would get the error upon startup, I would hit “ok” and a few restarts later it would clear and I could again select different drive modes. It has become more and more consistent lately to the point where it’s been a...
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    Would Aftermarket Wheels Void Warranty?

    If someone with 17” wheels with a bit more offset than stock (~1.25”) encountered a “Drive Control Malfunction, Service Required” error, would the Dealership or Ford look at the wheels as a modification in offer to deny a warranty repair? Zero other suspension or power train mods. Original...
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    Let’s See Those White SCREWS.....

    I’ll be ordering a new Raptor soon. I’m coming off my favorite color Magnetic, but as it appears that won’t be offered I need to choose another color. Don’t think I’m an Orange guy, or silver. I like black, but considering white. I’ve always thought white works well with the G2 Raptor lines...
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    Gen 2 Engine Cover?

    Where’s the best place to buy a Gen2 engine cover? Thanks.
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    Anyone Removed Front Seat?

    Has anyone remove the front seat(s) on a 802a truck? I’m trying to understand what’s involved. Assuming 4 bolts, ~2 harness plugs, anything else? I’d like to know what’s involved in a seat swap. Thanks....
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    2021 Raptor Instrument Display

    I hate digital speedometers and tachometers. Does anyone know if the display on the new truck can be changed to an analog speedometer and tach? Are we going to still be able to set up “My View” to add 2 additional gauges between the speedometer and tach on the 802a trucks? I have My View...
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    Mandatory Recaro Seats and Blue Interior with 37’s?

    I ...hope... this is a good sign for those of us who do not want a blue interior or to be forced into Recaros and blue with the 37” tire package. The Ford site states: “You’re supported by Recaro front seats AVAILABLE with the Raptor 37 Performance Package” It doesn’t suggest they are...
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    2021 Engine Differences

    I noted in the video I posted “White Raptor Walkaround” before it was taken down that the battery has been repositioned from parallel to the engine to more forward and diagonal (apparently to make room for a new air tube) Also, the new air box looks similar to an aftermarket (COBB, etc.)...
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    White Raptor Walkaround

    Oxford white, so that answers one question. Rear tailgate appliqué delete looks good. Those bed stickers are absolutely horrid especially on a white truck around the fuel door. What in the world is Ford thinking. Non blue interior looks great. Not the best video. It was stated that the...
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    Gen 3 Brake Upgrades?

    Any news on brake upgrades on the new trucks especially in light of the larger, heavier 37” tires being available? .
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    Part number for 2019 Bead Lock Capable Trim Rings??

    Anyone know the part number for the stock 2019 trim rings used on the optional wheels? Thanks... .
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    Good video from TRL and Ford Raptor Engineering Manager

    Good discussion about the truck that makes me feel a bit better about the G3. One take away toward the end is what’s included in the 37 package, and Tony states 2x that the bed and hood graphics are included but “if you choose to delete them”.
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    Part number 2019 Beadlock Beauty Rings

    anyone have the part number for the stock beadlock-capable 2019 beauty trim rings? Best place to order?thank you