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    Locking Gas Caps?

    Does anyone make a locking gas cap for Gen 2s that isn't insanely priced?
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    So it has been raining here a lot lately, my truck sits outside and today I noticed about 6 or 7 random ants walking around the passenger side of the center console. These are the super small type of sugar or grease ant, so I'm sure they found a way in somehow. Watched for a while and couldn't...
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    Nav Screen Blacking Out Sync 3.4

    This started happening with 3.4, I'd say every other day at this point. Usually when shifting out of reverse into drive. Once just driving while on the phone. Screen just blacks out, radio keeps working. I was able to get it back once by hitting the front camera button, but I had to pull off the...
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    Sunroof Exploded

    Well now that was fun. :eek: Getting on to a highway onramp, no one around me, hear what sounded like a shotgun blast, look up and entire front sunroof panel had shattered. Little glass shards raining down, closed the shade to stop it Surprised it held together during the 12 mile drive to...
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    Got My First Dent Today, Be Careful Around Those Rear Fenders They're Soft!

    So I cut into my driveway a little too sharp and knocked over my garbage can. It's one of those big hard plastic ones the city provides. I have a pretty narrow driveway with another car parked in it, and was too lazy to move it back to the side of the house after trash P/U this morning, so this...
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    2019 USB Accent Lights

    So today my USB ports inexplicably stopped working on my drive home. First time that’s ever happened. After letting it sit for a while they started working again. I now notice there is no accent lighting around the USB ports and I swear it had them before. Maybe I'm imagining things? Am I...
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    Gen2 Winching & Recovery Options

    Mini rant, I cannot believe Ford didn't consider making it easier for a winch to be installed on this truck! /rant Anyway, I've spent a lot of time considering how to recover this truck should I get stuck somewhere while all by myself. I picked up a set of MaxTrax for now. I'd feel a lot better...
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    Looking for competent shop in NE Florida

    I don't think I can handle an intercooler relocation in my garage so I am looking for a garage who can handle these kinds of mods when needed.
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    Can Anyone Recommend an Oil Filter Wrench?

    Did the first oil change today (what a mess), but could not get the factory filter off no matter how much I manhandled it. Thought I was crushing it so I gave up. My old school handle filter wrench just didn’t fit right to twist it off. Ended up leaving it on until the next change. Is there a...
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    Dumb Question of the Day: What Happens If I Disconnect The Battery?

    Going to hardwire in a dashcam, run the wires behind the A pillar airbag, and I'd like to disconnect power. What am I going to have to reset? Anyone poked behind the A pillar with the power on? I'd prefer to disconnect power but don't want to spend all day trying to get my seat memory positions...
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    What's Up With This LED?

    I noticed this today - center console LED stays on constantly whether the truck is on/off, locked or not. Is this normal? A Google search says it might be? Anyone else?
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    Fits in the Garage ... Barely!

    :eek: Unfortunately I think I have a new driveway ornament until I move somewhere else. Did the measurements prior to purchase, 231.9" depth and the truck is 234.9". Figured it would be tight but didn't envision this. I worry the garage door is going to shift and get caught on the back bumper...
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    GEN 2 Mirror Tap for a 2019 / 802A

    I'm wanting wire up my R3 and am trying to figure out which wires to tap. Mirror tap red --> mirror plug black Mirror tap black --> mirror plug green That's not working, plus there are two wires in the hole where the green enters the plug, so it's unbelievably tight. Any other ideas? I can't...
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    New Here, 2019 Super Crew from Florida

    From land of the crazy people, I present you with my new, blue, supercrew 2019. Traded from a G80 Genesis.