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    The long term impact of ADM

    Everything This is how I feel. Real money has already reacted. ADMS on G63s, GT3s and Ferraris have been vastly destroyed over the last 90 days. Plus we have the two horseman of the financial apocalypse making their return (V series Escalade, Hummer).
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    Silver 37 2022 available in MA for $10K ADM

    Thank you. Because of my fleet I buy from a few dealers. Luckily a markup on a R is not worth losing 20-25 F-550/600 sales a year for the dealer selling me the R.
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    Available 2022 Raptor 37s

    Would you not consider the aforementioned 50% reduction in ADM by the aforementioned dealer a rapid cooling? If a month ago I sold you $125,000 worth of gold, and this month I offered you the same amount of gold for $110,000, would you say the market is hot or cold?
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    Silver 37 2022 available in MA for $10K ADM

    Even on Custom orders. I have a new dealer as a result.....there are still plenty of MA dealers selling raptors at MSRP. TRX I would get from central here in MA, ask for Tatum
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    Daily driven Raptor any worries for R?

    They are solid besides the fact that they sometimes had improperly installed chain tensioners which al qaeda'd the engine. (21B26 )
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    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    ehh depends, my benz and porsche dealers are super loyal
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    Silver 37 2022 available in MA for $10K ADM

    FYI they no longer are doing Raptors at MSRP...good people though
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    Available 2022 Raptor 37s

    "Please come buy this super rare truck, ignore the fact that we have more Raptor 37" trucks on the lot than 6.7 super duties though!" Truck market is freezing, not cooling, and its doing it rapidly.
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    Anti Matter Blue available in Wisconsin

    15k over sticker for a regular production truck during a recession? yikes amanda
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    Azure Gray Metallic Tri-Coat Raptor R?

    Oh man I have terrible taste, ordered an R in this color and have a lead food 21 lol.
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    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    I waited ten years for this truck and I keep coming back to this. I can't even believe the R spec interior is just black, it's absurd lol. I am so 50/50 on this truck.
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    $109,145 Starting Price

    As a wise man once said "we'll see"
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    $109,145 Starting Price

    They will probably only build 1500-2000 of these, unless they keep Niche only....only saving grace is if they already built a lot of motors.
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    $109,145 Starting Price

    3% of the working population. Which implies to be able to afford one of these, you are in the top 3%. Meaning you have an income of about $330,000 USD per year to buy a $109,000 truck and not be an idiot. Top 10% of working population means you are average about $173,176 a year. If you are at...
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    $109,145 Starting Price

    Less than 3% of the working population can afford a $109,000 raptor.... 12% of the working population can afford an $80,000 raptor.... I would expect they make maybe 1,500 of them.
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    July 18 Reveal.

    That is what I was worried about... hoping they will be putting in a lot of OT the next six months then....
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    July 18 Reveal.

    Does anyone know if this engine is coming out of Romeo or Cleveland? I ask because Romeo is closing in December....
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    Is 37 PP a must have?

    I think 35" trucks ride better than 37 PP trucks, but that's just my experience.
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    Received Raptor R information from the dealer I bought my 37 from.

    I honestly would be shocked if it was less than $115,000 MSRP. I think $115-149k is reasonable depending on what else it gets.
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    Received Raptor R information from the dealer I bought my 37 from.

    Windsor 6.8 probably wont require a customer satisfaction program lol
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    A Few 2022's will be available soon!

    You're a moron if you pay adm for a raptor
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    2022 Raptor Tailgate Applique Notice!!

    I wish my lead foot grey 801A didn't have it, I hate how it looks on the Raptor. Ironically love it on the platinum and limited.
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    When did the '21 Gen 3s roll into dealerships

    Mine arrived to my dealer, in Mass, September 23 2021. LFG, non-37 truck.
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    It’s totaled…..

    I had this happen to me on an F-150 platinum last year, truck was dropped coming off a rail car. Sucks but happens a lot.

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