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    Time for new tires

    It’s time for a new set of tires. I have a set of toyo AT II with about 42k on them. Looking at replacing with either the AT III or the KO2s. They KO2s are slightly cheaper for a 35x12.5/18. What’s say you?
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    Bass options

    I’m looking at one of two options to upgrade the bass and replace the stick sub in 17’ with Sony (yes, I will be upgrading other speakers in the truck). I’m looking at the Rockford Fosgate 10” powered sub under the rear seat or the MTI with slim 10” sub behind the rear seat. What do you guys...
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    New key programming

    Lost a key fob a couple years back so I’m finally ordered one. Can I use forscan program it? Or do I need a separate tool to do it?
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    Loud pop in 4H

    When I engage 4H and turn the wheel I hear and feel a very loud pop. Doesn’t seem to do it while going straight. I’m thinking it may be the IWE actuators because I had an issue with a bad vacuum check valve a while back and it did grind a bit. Anyone had a similar issue?
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    OEM fender flare

    After someone backed into my front bumper, a few things needed replacing. One of which was the passenger side front fender flare. The new one is a bit more matte than the other three. Any suggestions on how to get them to match? Or is it because there are slight variations in fords...
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    New key fob

    Looking for a new key fob for my 17’. I only have one and would like to have a spare just in case. Any one have experience finding them at a decent price?
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    Big shoutout to 4x4truckLEDs for great customer service. Ordered a triple fog light kit with the Baja designs. The wiring harness was perfect and fit perfectly. I liked them so much I ordered the S2 reverse light kit.
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    Help choosing lights

    I’m looking to fill the bumper with a set of rigid or Baja designs fog lights. I need help choosing which type of lights will work best (flood, spot, driving, combo, sae, etc...) my driving conditions will mostly be clear with the occasional snow so I would like to add one amber in there but...
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    Intermittent rattle when driving

    Hello, I’m new to the forum but just picked up a 2017 raptor with 30,000 miles. I’m loving it so far. I notice that sometimes there is a noticeable rattle from the rear of the truck when driving at different speeds(mostly highway speeds) but it always seems to go away when you let off the...

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