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  1. Matmanand4

    Fox 2.5 shock question

    Is it possible that the Fox shocks could be overcharged/undercharged from the factory. My 2014 rides rough over normal road condition. Seems to wheel hop while driving at normal speed over small ruts/holes in the road. Sometimes hard to control. I had a 2013 that was not like this one. Will the...
  2. Matmanand4

    Exhaust upgrade question

    Have a 14 screw (RR club) and wanted to replace the exhaust. Looking at Ford Racing Sport. I assume the stock exhaust is heavier and more restrictive. What, if any, performance can I expect with this new exhaust. (Weight and performance).
  3. Matmanand4

    HID headlight issue

    Traded my 2013 for a 14SE and noticed the headlights are out of adjustment compared to the 13. They don't have much distance and make it difficult to drive at night because of this. Is there an adjustment that can be made to raise the lights or do I have to take it in to have it taken care of...
  4. Matmanand4

    Trade Black for Ruby Red

    Like to get feedback. I have a 2013 black screw and love it. But I saw the 2014 Ruby Red SE and I think it is really set apart from the others. Will the black hold the value as well as the Red SE? They are offering $51K for my 2013 (paid $55K) and have the Ruby Red on at $56K. ?? Thanks.
  5. Matmanand4

    K&N air filter

    Thinking about going to a K&N replacement filter. Any thoughts on this. Air flow, filtration, over a stock filter? Thanks.
  6. Matmanand4

    Mods in DFW area

    Looking to do some mods on my 13 Screw. Any feedback on Texas Truxx in Lewisville. Also looking at TMX. CAI, Exhaust, Tune, and Backflip.
  7. Matmanand4

    Hello from Keller Texas

    Have my Raptor on order and waiting for it to build 8/7. They say delivery in 2 weeks. Can't wait. Thinking about getting a Roush catback and CAI when I pick it up. Thoughts? Been looking on the site for a few weeks and find it very helpful.

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