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  1. cjhoneyman

    Fog Light Covers I got the clear ones for both sets so I have protection but can still operate them.
  2. cjhoneyman

    2nd guessing my choice of Avalanche Grey

    I was torn between Oxford White and Iconic Silver for my '22. If Avalanche had been available in '22, I would 100% go with it. My last F150 was Oxford White, so I went with Iconic Silver this time. Not disappointed.
  3. cjhoneyman

    Driver leather seat cover misaligned?

    Mine is the same way on the passenger side. It's annoying, but not worth a trip to argue with the local dealer IMO.
  4. cjhoneyman

    RPG 1.5” Perch Collar for sale

    I also have a set of RPG 1.5" sitting in a box. My 37pp showed up with only .5" of rake. PM me.
  5. cjhoneyman

    Blue Tow Hooks on Velocity Blue - Thoughts???

    I went with the red ford performance tow hooks. I like the red with iconic silver.
  6. cjhoneyman

    Tail light upgrade

    I installed the Rigid SR-L as backup lights. SPV has a great light kit that has an interface to the taillights so the red halos operate with the brake light and the turn on with the reverse lights. Installation was simple...
  7. cjhoneyman

    RokBlokz MudFlaps

    I have the standard size RokBloks and they're made of a thick plastic that would be easy to trim with a jigsaw. I would get the XLs and just mark it a couple inches up and saw away then sand down the rough edges. Should be an easy job.
  8. cjhoneyman


    Get a set of RokBlokz and save the money. They're durable and look great. Fit was perfect on the Gen 3.
  9. cjhoneyman

    Husky Rear Wheel Liner

    For those of us with the 37PP, it's definitely a tight fit. I ended up using a floor jack to get some clearance between the tire and body. Once you do that, it's simple, 30 minute job.
  10. cjhoneyman

    2023 Order is in

    Avalanche is the only correct answer here.
  11. cjhoneyman

    Iconic Silver Club Gen 3 Raptor

    Going on about a week with the new Raptor and 500+ miles. Very happy with Iconic Silver.
  12. cjhoneyman

    Help Level Gen 3

    My 22 Raptor showed up last week with only .75" of rake. I already had a set of RPG 1.5" spacers ready to install but I've held off as I don't want the nose up look. Now I'm considering a .75" rear space from Foutz which (in concept) would net me at dead level. Still debating...
  13. cjhoneyman

    New Vossen’s on Nitto’s

    Ignore the haters. I think those wheels are the best looking option out there.
  14. cjhoneyman

    Raptors built 4/22 and 3/22 that have not shipped

    This is true. Mine was built on 3/27 and it was finally delivered to the dealer on 6/21. Been waiting on a windshield wiper motor since. I'm told they finally found one and it's getting installed this week. We'll see.
  15. cjhoneyman

    Moonroof Issue, Advice needed

    My 2016 had the plastic rails in the moonroof break and I replaced them myself. It's fairly simple to remove the glass to gain access, which is what they'd likely have to do here. No need to remove headliner at all. I will say, when you re-install the glass, it's a bunch of trial and error on...
  16. cjhoneyman

    Delivered to dealer, but not ready for pick up...

    Dealer is still trying to chase down the motor from another dealer. They don't want to cannibalize any other new trucks as they're all sold as well.
  17. cjhoneyman

    Delivered to dealer, but not ready for pick up...

    I got the call last week that the truck had arrived at the dealer, which is about 3.5 hrs away from me. Great news, very excited, been waiting a long time... Then the sales guy calls back about an hour later with "we have a problem". Laying in the backseat was the windshield wiper arms and...
  18. cjhoneyman

    How Long did you sit in ASN Status?

    I got the call today. Delivered to dealer. Hope to pick it up this weekend.
  19. cjhoneyman

    Raptors Stolen from Dearborn

    Per theraptorconnection on Instagram, 13 new raptors were stolen from Ford's lot in Dearborn. Sounds like there are a few of us about to get some bad news...
  20. cjhoneyman

    How Long did you sit in ASN Status?

    There's not a buick worth waiting 4 months for. :Big Laugh:
  21. cjhoneyman

    How Long did you sit in ASN Status?

    It'll happen. Mine was in "awaiting shipment" for over 2 months then it happened. Hopefully I'll be picking mine up in the next 2 weeks.
  22. cjhoneyman

    Losing hope on my Raptor……

    If you've been following the forum, you know there are many of us that have had orders placed since middle of 2021 that are still waiting on the truck. There are a few that have received their Raptor that placed orders in Jan/Feb, but that's just the luck of the draw/production/holds. I'm sure...
  23. cjhoneyman

    How Long did you sit in ASN Status?

    My ordertrack and Ford tracker still show awaiting shipment, but my dealer and Ford Performance confirmed it's been shipped and is sitting in Kansas City (dealer is about 90 minutes from there). I don't think you can rely on ordertrack or ford tracker for the latest info. Your dealer needs to...

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