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  1. eraser2k1nin

    Polish and Ceramic Coating on my 22' AMB Gen3

    I noticed your headlights look different than mine, is that a new option?
  2. eraser2k1nin

    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Shout out to @Pacific Wheel for setting me up with my Black Rhino Shredders, I absolutely love them and made this the easiest wheel purchase. Here are some pics…
  3. eraser2k1nin

    My AMB 22’ Finally Here….New wheels and a few accessories installed

    100% color easily highlights a person’s greasy mitts lol
  4. eraser2k1nin

    2nd 2022 37in loaded Raptor!!!

    Dang looking at yours makes me wish I got the Iconic Silver vs AMB.
  5. eraser2k1nin

    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Question, anyone in this group sporting these on a Gen3?
  6. eraser2k1nin

    So The Raptor is not based on a Dinosaur...

    Seems more of a evolution vs creation statement…
  7. eraser2k1nin

    So The Raptor is not based on a Dinosaur...

    I was able to secure one locally at Larry Miller Ford.
  8. eraser2k1nin

    So The Raptor is not based on a Dinosaur...

    I have a ‘22 AMB too in the Phx Metro.
  9. eraser2k1nin

    22 Raptor Finally arrived

    They look great, thanks for posting pics! Are those 37’s?
  10. eraser2k1nin

    Black Interior..but Blue?

    I have a ‘22 AMB and I was thinking the same thing lol
  11. eraser2k1nin

    Finally here!

    That Star made it even more attractive ;)
  12. eraser2k1nin

    Poll-Do you acknowledge fellow Raptor Drivers?

    Almost got it right, instead of waving wildly flick ur wrist forward wildy…
  13. eraser2k1nin

    Paint correction, ppf, tint, and ceramic coating complete

    I just completed a paint correction and applied some of Ammo NYC’s Ceramic Pro today. Still need to let it cure for 24hrs and unfortunately today we have an overcast and rain in the Phx metro… here is a quick pic I took earlier today. Should get some good shots that will show the AMB off better...
  14. eraser2k1nin

    Finally Shipped!

    Surprisingly good, much better than my 2016 GT350. No paint swirls, orange peel, or runs. Should be any easy paint correction.
  15. eraser2k1nin

    Finally Shipped!

    I will be dialing in the paint later this week and I will most some better ones then.
  16. eraser2k1nin

    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Wilm you please pm me a quote for these Zip is 85142
  17. eraser2k1nin

    Finally Shipped!

    My truck will be available for pick up after 5pm today!
  18. eraser2k1nin

    22 Raptor Finally arrived

    Any pics with the new wheels? I am looking into which aftermarket wheels to get got my ‘22 when it comes in. I also ordered a Anti-Matter Blue with 801a.
  19. eraser2k1nin

    Finally Shipped!

    I am having the dealer do the rhino guard on mine. My salesman said it could delay my build if I went through Ford.
  20. eraser2k1nin

    Finally Shipped!

    Antimatter Blue & 801a. I really wanted the performance 37 but that blue interior reminded too much of my first car 1987 Ford ****** that had blue interior too lol
  21. eraser2k1nin

    Finally Shipped!

    Gen 3 finally shows shipped 10/22/2021 Order confirmed date 2/10/2022 Blend Date 2/28/2022 Built Date I am curious how long the shipping process will take, I am in the Phoenix market. What has been your shipping timelines?
  22. eraser2k1nin

    2/14 Squad

    Yes, mine is displaying as of 2/2. No production date as of today.
  23. eraser2k1nin

    Gen 3 Production Status

    Nevermind, got on my laptop and it shows in production on the desktop site.