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  1. Booth9999

    They are making New BFG’s... had to get some we will see if they are any good.
  2. Booth9999

    Gen 2 Raptors values starting to climb.

    Now that Gen 2 production has come to a end and the very slim used car market seem to have caused prices to increase. I saw a few optimistic dealers asking over $100k.
  3. Booth9999

    New brakes; EBC brake upgrade

    I don’t want to go bigger rims and all that is needed for a big brake kit so I ordered up some from EBC. I went with front and rear. I have had really good luck with them in the past so I...
  4. Booth9999

    UPGRADES! Let’s play how much can I spend on my cooling system...

    So FMIC on the truck and it got a little warmer than I liked in my recent torture test and I want to make her a little more bullet proof cooling wise. I just bought the full race radiator and transmission cooler. I figure while I’m in there I should do everything I can, anyone have any other...
  5. Booth9999

    FMIC water spray?

    Just watching Doug DeMuro and the Subaru STI 22b and it has a water sprayer for the intercooler. I was wondering if it would help the raptor? Could possibly use the front camera sprayer to spray it down with chilled deionized water. Just a thought this morning. What do you guys think? Could be...
  6. Booth9999

    Pro Eagle jack wraps

    I know who really needs them but they look pretty cool. For $140 I’m not so sure. Anyone get one yet?
  7. Booth9999

    Installing my Krazy house bed supports

    So I am installing my bed supports. Very nice kit but I’m running into one issue. The factory bolt that comes with the kit is supposed to go into the existing hole where it seems the bed extender would go but, the hole is not threaded. I tried to see if the bolt would thread it self but did not...
  8. Booth9999

    Anyone know of a front axle upgrade?

    So I’m thinking about replacing or upgrading the front axle. I have wreaked havoc on mine and instead of having warranty fix it I was thinking about just beefing things up. Any thoughts? 17 super crew with torson in the front if that matters.
  9. Booth9999

    Truck really wanted star bucks... anyone else get this light?

    Ok, I was driving and my truck pops this icon up. Interesting I thought. I stoped and restarted the truck and it was gone.....
  10. Booth9999

    Ken Block killing a raptor...

    He launches this thing until the flares fall off!
  11. Booth9999

    Got a couple codes...

    so I was just going load up a tune again and thought I would check for codes and three pop up P0098 intake air temp sensor 2 circuit high P0124 throttle/pedal position sensor/switch “a” circuit intermittent U2110 no description Any ideas? Seems to run fine. I have been in the desert and it...
  12. Booth9999

    DW400 Drop-in Fuel Pump Fitments Available for Raptor

    I saw this and thought it might be of use to the gen1 crowd...
  13. Booth9999

    2017 Ford replacement vehicle.... any insight

    Ford has agreed to replace my truck under lemon law. I have had them buyback a truck before but never had them give me a replacement. Does anyone have any insight as to how the process works? I live in California but purchased the truck in Arizona and am concerned that I’m going to screwed with...
  14. Booth9999

    17 leaking from bolts on the valve cover...

    17 leaking driver side valve cover, just got her back from 2nd pan replacement and was smelling burning oil. No signs under the truck so I was looking under the hood and saw moisture at valve cover bolts; we pulled the engine over off and the oil is pooling in the valley between the manifold and...
  15. Booth9999

    Which light should I wire to which switches? Advice please

    Hey guys, I need help on how to distribute the lights among the 6 factory switches from someone more experienced than me. I currently have my icom ID-5100a radio on switch 1 My GJ Motorsport brake light kit’s 2 S2’s ambers on switch 2 and the center clear S2 on switch 3. I want to add a 30” S8...
  16. Booth9999

    Anyone know of a Dyno in SoCal?

    hey guys, I’m getting ready to install my SPD adapters and down pipes; anyone know of a dyno within 50 miles of 92549 so I can get a definitive answer to if they make more power or not? Thanks!
  17. Booth9999

    I made the news with the Raptor

    Well my mountain is burning, looks like the badass firefighters really saved our town. Some people are not as lucky as us, about 6-10 structures are lost most are life long friends. Everyone evacuated except for a few of us diehards. Anyhow one thing that was really cool was on Thursday the...
  18. Booth9999

    Pro eagle jack...

    Any venders on here want to give me a quote on a 2ton with the mount sled thing? Thanks.
  19. Booth9999

    22 inches wheel travel while keeping the bed...

    This looks crazy smart and a great idea. "Gen 2 raptor owners: do you want more than leaf springs but less than a cut up full prerunner. Swipe and see the answer to an age old problem. We have come up a new approach to a good dual purpose off road truck. This set up allows you to leave the...
  20. Booth9999

    Smoking tire raptor one take 400 wheel hp
  21. Booth9999

    Gen 2 tranny is leaking pretty bad.

    Just drive home from the weekend in Phonix for spring training baseball and when I got out in the driveway and walks around the truck I could smell oil burning slightly. I peaked under the truck and it is soaked starting small on the the front passenger side of the tranny and completely wet...
  22. Booth9999

    $200 off a set of tires on eBay!

    Hey I saw this and thought I would pass along the deal. It says $100 off $400 or more but you can use it twice per eBay account so buy two twice and get $200 off. I'm probably doing this wrong in the wrong place sorry in advance. Ends 19th
  23. Booth9999

    Who has the baddest Raptor Jenny 1 or 2. Let's see them!

    Just like the title says who has the baddest ass Raptor Jenny 1/2. Baddest as far as power or suspension or.... time to show off your truck and give some inspiration!
  24. Booth9999

    WTB power tank...

    I want to buy a power tank 10#, PT10-5250 CO2 Tank 10 LB Package B System W/Power Flow II Power Tank. Is anyone a vendor or considering a group buy before I purchase elsewhere? Thanks in advance.
  25. Booth9999

    Going to be out in Occotillo wells tomorrow...12/27

    I'm going to head out there tomorrow with my son and finally get to play a little. Anyone going to be around? Short notice but the timing presents it self and I'm running lol. Hope to see some of my FRF people, if not then I will up load some pics when I get back.