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  1. MGA

    Need help on 2019 Oil Filter installation?

    Guys, I do not consider myself an idiot though others may disagree. Changing the oil on my 19 SCREW, Fomato valve so not problem draining oil. However it seems it takes forever to get the new oil filter to seat and get it threaded. Obviously I have not discovered the trick over the last 9 oil...
  2. MGA

    GEN 2 Looking for opinions on airing down for the beach

    Have a 2019 with stock tires and beadlock capable wheels. Heading back to OBX where my house is 6 1/2 miles up the beach, offroad, normally in the offseason I air down to 26psi as the beach is not that torn up, the speed limit is generally 35 mph on the beach and I frequently am on and off the...
  3. MGA

    Shout Out to the Off-Road Revolution and guys at Valhalla Motorsports

    Was having a relaxing night on he beach in the NC Outer Banks (Corolla) when the guys from Off-Road Revolution and Valhalla Motorsports drove by and turned the night into more than daylight. Great meeting the guys and their families! After having my Raptor for about a year and a half my wife...
  4. MGA

    Using Adams Ceramic Coating

    Couple questions is I may, I have purchased the ceramic coating paint kit and will be installing over the weekend. This is a 2019 SCREW in Magnetic. The paint is in great shape as I have kept it waxed from out the door. Because of this I will start with the clay bar, then the remover before...
  5. MGA

    GEN 2 19 SCREW Rear Seat Cover Experience??

    Okay, my hunting dog got sick on my rear seat this weekend, he is not a fan of the offroad! I was looking at the WeatherTech site and see they have what appears to be a decent seat cover for $159 I...
  6. MGA

    Replacement Antenna Question

    Whereas my '19 Raptor fits in my garage by width (barely) the antenna is getting caught in the raised garage door. I have seen several Raptors on this forum with after market "shorter" antennas and was looking for any recommendations and opinion if they work as good as original? Thanks