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  1. EastEndAngler

    Non-Permanent antenna mounting options for WeBoost?

    you'd be after this from @Swarfworks :
  2. EastEndAngler

    A different approach to truck bed racks

    Could you mount his onto/into the Retrax-XR t-rails?
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    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Truck things.....Been towing the trailer around for almost as we a move into a new house. Truck has done great. Logged about 250miles with the trailer hooked up. My only observation is that someone needs take my money and get me a pair of +3HD Deavers.
  4. EastEndAngler

    truck bed 12v

    All depends on what you are trying to power up/ final requirements are? Keyed power? Constant? I have aux 6 hooked up to my reverse alarm for jobsite use. I also ran 2 dedicated 12/2 cables direct from the battery thru the frame to the back of the truck. I've got a dedicated red and...
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    Yakima overhaul HD

    I have the Yakima Overhaul HD with a Retrax Cover. It's not very modular. You can add the additional cross bars and a few OEM accessories, but in terms on the fly adjustments, not much is "modular". It's either on the truck or not. The Leitner would certainly be more "modular".
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    Overland rack

    I'm running Retrax / yakima setup only because the compatible ACS wasn't out yet. The ACS looks sweet , I remember when he first launched. The lack of cover compatible model kept me away unfortunately. Keep in mind the rear bar is not adjustable (front to back) when using the Retrax compatible...
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    First Oil Change & Tips/Tricks

    Fumoto valve is awesome. Makes oil changes a breeze. I actually did my last one without removing any panels to hook up the hose.
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    Gen 2 Sunroof

    I just cracked 20,000miles. I've done the procedure at least a half dozen times. It's usually because I can't stand the noise anymore. Rather amazed how how quiet things become. Take your time cleaning/ use the right p/n's.
  9. EastEndAngler

    Major misfire on startup

    @b-mack - same M/Y and milage (just crossed 20k on the odometer) - I haven't experience symptoms as drastic as what you describe but as of recent I do feel like the truck is idling a bit rougher upon first start. It's noticeable enough to me that I was researching spark plug yesterday....
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    Method Black Friday Starts Today 11-18-21

    What wheel is pictured? Do they offer it in an all black option?
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    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Been a while.... Few months back got the hood wrapped in matte black Avery. Next up was a lovely set of door dings from some **** in a HD parking lot. Quickly surveyed friends on PDR knowingly full well aluminum is more difficult and I'd want somebody with "time in the game" I took the door...
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    @blademan - that actually looks like an RJ45 (think ethernet /CAT6) and it looks like its running all 4 pairs (8 wires total). The V1's i'm pretty sure run off an RJ11 , so you could rule out that.
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    They obviously make various size mounting brackets, some are even modular. You'd need a set of ends and a middle portion.
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    Could very well be OTR Switches - looks about the right size for this:
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    2020 Raptor with 4800 miles is still leaking water inside

    @16pawshouston - Here's the TSB mentioned in the post above
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    Sunroof Rattle

    Literally just got done dealing with this, was driving me nuts! I actually did it around 7k miles as a maintenance item as it wasn't rattling. Currently at 14k miles and the rattling was driving me insane. Followed the TSB and used the Krytox , rattles are gone.
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    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    NY might be full of rules, but I'm pretty sure plasti-dip is still "legals" here. Wanted something I can revert to stock if nesc. I get tired of it.
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    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Started to get bored without any truck projects so I Plasti-Dipped the front skid plate and bumper strip. I'd ultimately like to color match the whole truck, but the wallet wouldn't approve right now. I'm actually super happy with how it came out.
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    M&R Tail Gator LED Amber Color

    @HORN HIGH ACES - where did that mount come from?
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    Fading on New ADD Black Wheels....

    Definitely not normal. Did you happen to get any type of wheel cleaner on it and have it sit/dry at all? I know Adam's wheel cleaner specifically says do not let it dry / requires constant agitation.
  21. EastEndAngler

    Husky 79151: Rear Wheel Well Liner 2017-2019 Ford F-150 Raptor

    Just found these in the garage again....need'em gone! still at $75 or Buyer pays shipping. Currently on amazon prime for $100. @richnot - we never were able to meet up , but I'll offer you first dibs if you still need/want them. @RADvelociRaptor - next in line.
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    Carbon Fiber Mirrors

    Missed all the fun the first time around, put me on the list !