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    2022 Build & Price is live

    Just noticed this morning. Takes a bit of extra clicking because Ford apparently outsources web development to chimpanzees. Edit: I'm sure it's old news to you guys that have been poring over the Order Guide but I'm more of a casual Raptor fan but...very disappointed that despite being freed...
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    Gen 3 Raptor is Overpriced, you are all Insane

    Sorry for the clickbait thread title. But hear me out.... Been knocking around the idea of getting a truck for some time now and could really do with something midsized but hate, hate, hate all the offerings there. Tacoma is from the Paleolithic era and underpowered, Ranger is 4-cylinder only...
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    Rando thoughts brought on by C8 Corvette

    So my brother just ordered 2 new C8 Corvettes this week, a black car for right away and that funky blue color that will be delayed availability. He is seriously considering cancelling a McLaren 600LT order that he has in since he was less than amused when his 720S caught fire on the track. I...