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  1. PorterW1111

    can someone near leona valley ship this to me.

    found an oil cooler i want to buy but person says he wont ship it. anyone willing to go pick it up and ship to to me please? pick up in leona valley, ca
  2. PorterW1111

    Anyone in Santa Cruz that can help?

    looking for some help. ive got a guy in santa cruz that has two tires that i want to buy, they are BFG kr3 40s. ive got the quantity (2) and the price right, the problem is he will not ship, pick up only. So im wondering if a trustworthy willing person could go pick up the tries for me and then...
  3. PorterW1111

    Florida Raptor Runs - Upcoming Events

    Hello all, Since not everyone wants to join facebook, im bring over the events and details for upcoming runs here. Next Run as follows: When: Saturday Aug 28 9:30am meetup Drivers meeting at 10am. Where: We will be meeting at the shell gas station in Altoona Shell, 42404 Main St, Altoona, FL...
  4. PorterW1111

    WTB BFG Kr3 40x12.5x17

    Looking for two bfg kr3s used, to run as spares. Looking for 40s. anyone have a hookup from a team? Maybe a better shot after Vegas to Reno.
  5. PorterW1111

    Fun cleaning transformation video on a raptor

    Not mine but cool to see one of these types of videos done on a raptor
  6. PorterW1111

    For sale- Evil MFG gen2 helion bumper

    For sale. In great condition, I got it in hopes I could use it for my build, but turns out it will be more work than just making a new one. it’s a frame cut helion bumper with the push bar for gen2. only thing is I do not have the brackets that mount after you cut the bumper. You’ll have to get...
  7. PorterW1111

    (SOLD)Baja Designs XL Pro light Pair - $400

    Used set but in great condition, comes with brackets very minimal fading, no chips and scratches in lenses. located in Orlando, FL will ship for extra. shipping comes out to $20-$30 extra depending on area.
  8. PorterW1111

    WTB King Bumps

    Looking for some kind bump stops. Don’t need to whole kit just the shock. don’t want to wait 8wks to order from king. whatcha got?
  9. PorterW1111

    Coast to Coast Road Trip

    Flying out west to pick up my new truck, then planning on driving the 2800+ miles back to Florida. We have a few short detours to go see some parks and monuments but most of the trip the plan is slow and steady. Off the bat I am a hope for the best plan for the worst kind of person. So with...
  10. PorterW1111

    PorterW1111's "Burro" build up

    Here we go, the official start of the ever waited for first post of my new build. So im playing off/stealing from @zombiekiller build language because, one its awesome, though mine will be older and lesser, and because his build thread and knowledge has guided me to alot of what this build will...
  11. PorterW1111

    40s Tires Breakdown. Which is the best?

    In a search for new tires i start to see there are common goto's but am curious after looking at so many different brands why someone would go with one over another.. im looking to run 40s so that severely limits the selection but so far here is my comparative chart of which is best. So far i...
  12. PorterW1111

    Need help with this install

    I don’t understand. Everything I have read says I should be able to use a supercharger but I dont see where I’m supposed to connect it to. Anyone know?
  13. PorterW1111

    WTB ADD Pro frame cut

    Want to buy an add pro v1 or v2 frame cut front bumper. Preferably used/beat up as I am going to have to cut it up anyway.
  14. PorterW1111

    WTB gen2 OEM grille

    Need a oem gen2 grill for my current build. New is on back order and run $1000.. anyone got one laying around???
  15. PorterW1111

    Anyone in Reno, hoping someone can put eyes on a truck for me?

    looking to buy a truck that is listed out of Reno, NV. hoping someone can swing by and check the work done? thanks
  16. PorterW1111

    Pre-Production Gen 3 Long travel '21 f150 Raptor

    2021 F-150 XLT/Lariat supercharged V8 5.0 full long travel front 4 link rear frame cut bumpers +4.5 fiberglass who wants one?
  17. PorterW1111

    High Clearance Exhaust

    Wanted to gauge the groups interests. For those that are running a dovetail rear bumper what exhaust are you running? I know KHC sells a stainless kit for $500. I’m in the process of designing a bolt on stainless kit but would have to do a minimum order from the mandrel bend company. How many...
  18. PorterW1111

    Adding BD s2 pro flush mount to ADD Pro

    Fun little side project got to play around making some mounting plates to fit this ADD Pro rear bumper so it can have two flush mount s2 installed. I like that the flush mount are tucked back up in there and the bottom being boxed in should keep mud/dirt from getting up in the cooling fins. I...
  19. PorterW1111

    '69 4 Door f100 prerunner

    thinking, 1969 4 door f100 - 2wd long travel A arm front link rear adv fiberglass SC 5.0 coyote "frame cut" dovetail front and rear bumpers lots of lights built from a 2010-2017 donor f150/mustang ps - i know i suck at photoshop, just squint
  20. PorterW1111

    Chase Rack Designs

    Thinking through rack designs. trying to weigh pros and cons of each. i basically have it narrowed down to 5 different styles. bed floor mount options: A- top bar runs in front of the 3rd brake light but has a "tunnel" out of 1/4 plate that interupts the top bar so you can see the brake light...
  21. PorterW1111

    Trophy Truck vs Bessie

    For those who haven’t seen it. All I have to say is, Moooove lolol
  22. PorterW1111

    Ace Cafe Orlando Meet Up

    Central Fl raptors heads up a couple of us are going the the Ford night event at Ace Cafe in Orlando tomorrow Nov 4 @6pm Ace Cafe Orlando- 100 W Livingston St Orlando, FL 32801 6pm
  23. PorterW1111

    Roof rack light build

    Will post up all the pics when it’s done but currently at a decision point that I could use some opinions on... the question at hand do I put in these vertical support bars or not? Strength - pro bars ? Weight - con bars ? Look- ? Look for the amount of extra work -?
  24. PorterW1111

    Ram Air hood

    Anyone run one of these ram air hoods? I really like the way the new Shelby trucks look with it but I have only been able to find one for 09-14 year truck for the f150. Figure I can re fiberglass the nose to make it for the raptor. But overall any thoughts on if it would look good, would it just...
  25. PorterW1111

    When do you need a bigger alternator or second battery

    Wondering at what point one would consider the need for a second battery and or bigger alternator. I’m running 10 40w up front and 8 60w up top. It is very rare that they are on, and with that even more rare that both are on at the same time. But curious if someone loaded out all 4 upfitters...