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    This sub-forum is for the Raptor R.... not the basic 21+ Raptor

    Just a reminder as we have had many mis-posts lately. This sub-forum is specific to the "R" raptor. This forum is NOT for the 21+ raptor.
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    Will the Raptor R be “off-road use only”?

    When Ford announced the R (at the feb 2021 raptor reveal), they made a statement that the R was off road only. They were questioned, then backtracked that. BUT, they did release the bronco R which is off-road only. So - what do you think this thing will be? I can’t see Ford making a street legal...
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    Is anyone here cross-shopping other vehicles?

    I know many cross shop this to the TRX, and the Raptor R (if it ever becomes available), but what else are you looking at? I know most here buy specifically for an off-road truck, but I think many buy it because they need a truck, but also something that is off-road capable. Off road is a...
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    Why buy now?

    With all the games Ford is playing with builds between 21 and 22 raptors (Quality holds as well), dealers collecting money when they don't ACTUALLY have any allocations, buyers not knowing dealers don't have 35 allocations, or 37 allocations, all of the ridiculous ADM that dealers charge, and...
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    Is this new news?

    Apparently Ford trucks were outsold by GM in 2021. Interesting to say the least: Article went on to say that Toyota demolished Ford in medium size trucks. I am not exactly surprised...
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    Did ford have trombone exhaust idea back in 2017?

    I saw this article discussing the exhaust back in 2017. Check out the 34s mark. Is that a “trombone” that ford decided not to implement way back then?
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    Any new news?

    About once per week, I google the Raptor R in hopes of finding new information. I have not seen anything in a long time. I know that production is king, and managing all the issues… and supply issues. With that said, we should still see mules out running around. But, nobody reporting anything...
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    Ehhh… doesn’t look like anytime soon

    This is not encouraging.