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    Stuck in Melvindale

    Truck is built and marked Shipped, but it has been sitting in Melvindale for the five days it’s been “shipped.” No movement from Ramp 58. Anyone experience something similar?
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    Lecture on Proper Ordering *Expert Opinions Contained Within*

    I guess I assumed ordering an 801A with a $7,500 37 package would come with something as basic as a tailgate step. For such an inexpensive item that has been on F150’s for nearly 20 years, why is this not included in the 801A or 37 package? Excited to get my Raptor, but slightly disappointed…
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    Auto Start/Stop Removed

    Anyone have their truck delivered with start/stop removed that can confirm how that appears on the dash? Is it a blank switch or is it the normal start/stop switch that just doesn’t do anything?
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    9/20 Squad

    Why not?