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  1. shelteredraptor

    sad news regarding corona raptor

    Dammit. Jim was always on with a smile, and although I never met him in person, I feel I knew him pretty well from here. His contagious great attitude will be truly missed. Rest In Peace
  2. shelteredraptor

    Issue with radar detectors?

    Yeah, their service is great, send your unit in and get it updated for almost nothing. Just my .02, but I think best bang for the buck. I've had K40'S which are junk imo for the big money they cost. I had a 9500i which I think is the best ever made, saved my ass many times, unfortunately...
  3. shelteredraptor

    Issue with radar detectors?

    Might be a defective unit. I run a Valentine1 with a blendmount. No issues
  4. shelteredraptor

    :e30:Wilson cookies

    Well.... that sucked. The cookies came, I got a couple, and the wife went and gave them to her friends. They all freaking loved them. Can I order some more? Please?
  5. shelteredraptor

    :e30:Wilson cookies

    Wilson!! I love me some E30's, they are fuelishly good! You want me to pm ya?
  6. shelteredraptor

    Raptor in small accident, body shop or dealer?

    The insurance company dictates which parts are to be used. Go look at a dealership bodyshop and you'll see aftermarket parts there because of the policy. My .02 is to take it to a trusted and the best body shop you can. Dealership shops as a rulee are volume shops and don't do quality work. A...
  7. shelteredraptor

    Is my 2010 Gen 1 (5.4) Even Considered a Raptor?

    I had #273 made. It had a 5.4 that I jammied up to about 450 hp. It's one of the few rides I wish I hadn't sold. ZERO issues with the truck.
  8. shelteredraptor

    Carbon fiber parts from Covid boredom

    I will take a full set of glossy twill please. PM and I'll pay immediately, Thanks!
  9. shelteredraptor

    2017 Ford Raptor 802A

    How'd you get in? I was thinking those components looked awful familiar...
  10. shelteredraptor

    American Racing Headers

    ARH makes awesome headers, I've had them build me a couple of sets. They're located here on Long Island, so it's kinda local for me. Are they expensive? o yeah. Will they fit perfect, and last forever? Yup. SW makes good stuff too, they have 2 lines I believe, one is offshore, one is made here...
  11. shelteredraptor

    2017 SCAB

    Maybe R if it's worthy
  12. shelteredraptor

    2017 SCAB

    Avalanche Gray Scab with 802A package 11,200 miles. Stored in climate controlled garage, never offroad hard, I have other vehicles to play with. The ultimate Starbucks Special. Truck is loaded except man step in tailgate, and no graphics. Bakflip F1 lid Bedrug and swing boxes 45" arched Rigid...
  13. shelteredraptor

    SCAB values

    I am. I don't drive it much, have too many bad habits... I'm sure I'll just get flamed here if I list it because it's a Starbucks Special. Soooo now that Scab values just went up like Game Stop, I'm seriously selling. If anyone's actually interested, text or pm me.
  14. shelteredraptor

    2021 Raptor Is a Total BUST!!

    The Gen 1 release was very similar, but the truck was unprecedented, a brand new concept and was amazing. They released it with a 5.4 until they could get the 6.2 into production. I bought serial # 1583 with a 5.4, it was an awesome truck, not a single defect in it. The Gen 1 went on to be a...
  15. shelteredraptor

    portable hi res audio player

    I use Tidal and their HiFi is pretty good. I drive several vehicles, so it's handy. In the Raptor I can take advantage of the HiFi and it makes a big difference from standard or even their master stream.
  16. shelteredraptor

    SCAB values

    So I have 11,xxx miles, loaded, climate control storage, cleaner than new. I have about 95K in it, am asking 82K. Interested to see what offers I'll get/
  17. shelteredraptor

    GEN 2 What else is in your garage?

    Finally done after almost 3 years. It's a rowdy bitch, just the way I like 'em
  18. shelteredraptor

    Low Mileage Maintenance Schedule

    My '17 has 9700.xx and I run Red Line in it. I have to keep resetting the reminder because it keeps bugging me to change oil that has 1200 miles on it. I've changed the oil 5 times.... And it sits in climate control.