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    HELP - installing aftermarket big screen unit

    Alright so I originally posted this in the G3 section and they told me... "we don't like your kind" lol. Folks, I'd like to get one of them fancy screens installed in the RAPTOR. Below in my criteria. I will drive 2 hours from 20755 Screen should be a direct plug and play The screen system...
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    Help Installing Aftermarket Screen - will PAY

    Folks, I'd like to get one of them fancy screens installed in the RAPTOR. Below in my criteria. I will drive 2 hours from 20755 Screen should be a direct plug and play The screen system should be great quality WiFi and Bluetooth enabled Netflix, youtube, etc etc enabled I WILL PAY FOR...
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    Actually Pulling Someone Out of Sand

    Folks, So I've pulled two people out so far of sand in MD and NC coastal waters... Which ways do you really do this? I just have the simple truck ropes, jack and jack stand and the tire traction pads. I just simply tell the stuck person to put their vehicle in either reverse or...
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    GEN 2 Boosting and not really downshifting to match the proposed gearing

    Titles are always hard to write. Long story short Pedal goes down, doesn't really shift down as fast as it should, plenty of boost, like, all of it.. 17 18 19 pounds. It should be going into like 3rd at around that 50/60mph but just sits at around 5/6th gear and the boost carries the load of...
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    Copperhead Snake Deterrent

    Other than a shotgun or .22 rat snake shot, what are you using to keep snakes away during camping and etc?
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    GEN 2 Retractable Roof Lights

    Simply put - I would love to get a set of KC lights and then be able to retract them or lower them down further on the windshield if/when I need to go into a parking garage. 1. Retract on a guide that goes behind the cab and down, like a conveyer belt style. 2. The mounting area in the front...
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    KC lights - ADD bumper and ACC relocation - 12" Screen install kit

    KC lights like this Front bumper like this: With the adaptive cruise control relocation 12" Screen kit like this
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    GEN 2 Steel lines

    Anyone got any laying around?? New Color doesnt matter I will use Motul fluid.
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    Aftermarket front bumper and ACC and lights

    As title states. Used in great condition with lights also. Greyhound ships via ground/bus. I am in Baltimore MD, will drive 200 miles to pick up.
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    GEN 2 Disable GPS

    Does FORD have the ability to know the trucks whereabouts are without my consent? Can I disable the GPS in the vehicle?
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    Crank case pressure sensor engine loom

    Hello! So when I was doing spark plugs, I accidentally pull the pins out the back of the connector that goes to the crank case pressure sensor . I think it’s the crank case, because that is a code that I have. See photo attached All three pins came out. And I tried to put them back in, no...
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    Built Right BED RACK

    Folks, Bought two by accident. Looks just like these, brand new. Four pieces, both sides. Photos later, at work dlcking off. $295 shipped Don
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    GEN 2 Aftermarket Warranty

    I saw a commercial about Car Shield, has anyone used this before? I have 71k miles, I doubt many people would want to cover me.
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    OEM Lugs/Gear shifter (non carbon)/Wheels

    Afternoon folks, nothing wrong with them. Not sure what they are worth Located in the DMV Photos to come. Toss a price in here if you want. They need to go. Thanks
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    GEN 2 Radio CB Antenna

    Afternoon, I took a look at the threads but I still have questions. I am unsure where to start. I would like to get a radio system for the truck, unsure of where to start. I suppose the distance for transmission shoud be over 5 miles. DoJo.
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    Intercooler piping blowing off

    CVF FMIC This is the second time this piping has blown off, typically happens at WOT 20PSI. Any tricks to resolving this issue? Perhaps a diff clamp? Someone said use hairspray on the metal side when marrying the boots to the pipes. This is happening to the cold side. DoJo.
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    Regular F150 SPD downpipes 3.5L BLACK

    A good while ago, I ordered the wrong crap from SPD lol. BRAND NEW, were installed, and taken off when they obviously did not align with the exhaust. Same as this below. Can provide photos if necessary...
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    GEN 2 Adaptive Cruise Control Relocation Kit (ACC)

    Is there a reason why the F150's relocation kit is grossly less expensive than the Raptors? Any machined versions of this or is anyone working with a company that can make these sub $50?
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    WTB WTB - Gen 2 aftermarket front bumper - NJ,PA,DE,MD,VA,NC

    Willing to help me install the aftermarket bumper also and if have lights, a great bonus.
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    On the ranch

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    Howling noise at WOT

    Ok so... is this a stuck turbo or a hose loose? Howling noise at wide open throttle, and boost stops at around 16 vs going to 20. MPT tuned, CVF FMIC, SPD DPs etc
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    2009 Audi R8 - Gorgeous

    No stories at all. Wash D.C. 2009 Audi R8 v10 White Red/Burgundy Interior 74,000 miles Asking $75,000 OBO Maintenance so far: Release Bearing Clutch Resurfaced flywheel Spark plugs Carbon cleaning of the intake (common issue) $1500 Brand new oil pump shaft seal and associated maintenance in...
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    TSB worked! - Transmission is fixed!!

    The transmission is like butter now!!! Go to the dealer and have them do this immediately. If any issues come back, have them look at the solenoid/valve for the tranny.
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    Tune out EVAP

    Question. I realize that most sponsors on it wont answer because of their scare of the federal government and emissions. I for a fact know that o2 sensors can be tuned out, but how about the entire EVAP system, to include purge valve, and solenoid. Cheers.
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    EVAP system CELs

    I think this might be the correct place to put this. I removed my COBB tune. Then of course, started getting CELs. I get limp mode almost every-time I go up a hill and the CEL just stays on constantly. The codes associated with the EVAP below are 443 446 2418 and the others are all of my o2...