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    Cobb Accessport v3 w/ TCM

    Hi All, Selling a Cobb Accessport v3 with tcm tune for gen 2 raptor. It also has a stage 1 Goosetune for a 2017 Raptor on 91ACN. Goosetune is relevant if you a similar setup to the truck but otherwise would need to purchase another tune from him if you want it more custom to your truck. However...
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    19-20 Beadlocks and 37" Yokohama Geolandar MTs

    UPDATE 9/17: wheels sold. Tires still available asking 1000 for the tires obo. Hi. I'm selling 4 sets of 19-20 OEM Raptor Beadlock capable wheels and 37x12.5R17 Yokohama Geolandar MT tires. Wheels I'm good shape with minor marks from normal use.. Tires approximately 75% life remaining. DOT...
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    3 2019 OEM Beadlock Capable Wheels

    I have 3 beadlock capable OEM wheels from a 2019 Raptor. They have some normal wear with a couple marks on the wheels but nothing major. Can ship but would have to calculate shipping. Would prefer local pick up here in the Phoenix area. Asking 800 for all 3 or can split up for 300 each. Thanks!
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    Cobb Accessport 3 w/TCM and Goosetuned

    Selling my Cobb Accessport 3 with TCM tune and Goosetuned. It comes with all the Cobb stock tunes. It also comes with PCM Goosetunes for a 2017 Stock Raptor on 91 ACN. His tunes are transferable but any additional custom tunes for different mods or truck you'd have to buy separately I believe...
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    40" Rigid Radiance Light Bar and Specialty Performance Part No Drill Kit

    I have a 40" Rigid Radiance light bar with the amber backlight along with the Specialty Performance Parts No Drill mounting kit for the stock gen 2 bumper. This kit includes brackets that use factory location bolts to mount the bar pretty flush with the grill. It also includes their custom...
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    High Gear/Higher Speed/Higher Load Stutter on Acceleration Possible Tune Related

    Hey all, I wanted to get your thoughts on this somewhat annoying issues I'm having. Basically as the title suggests, I am seeing some stuttering (almost sounds like very mild missing or vibration during acceleration) in higher gears 8-10 (RPM 1900-2100) when under some heavy load. I came across...
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    2019-2020 Single Beadlock Capable Wheel

    Hi, I have a single beadlock capable wheel for sale from a 2020. I bought a set of 5 but won't use the fifth. This was the spare so barely used, but does have a couple scuffs from being under the truck and has one mark where it looks someone was removing the ring and lost control of the driver...
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    Specialty Performance Parts No Drill Front Bumper Light Bar Brackets

    Selling the Specialty Performance Parts front bumper mounting kit for gen 2 raptors. The allows you to mount a 40" bar up front with no drilling. Each side mounts to existing locations on the front bumper. This is used and has some chipping of the black powder coat from mounting. I ran this for...
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    Baja Designs S8 30" Light Bar and Behind Grille Kit

    Hi all, I am selling a brand new unused 30" Baja Designs S8 light bar and mounts for behind the grille for gen 2 raptors. Unused. Includes a couple harnesses and additional spot lenses. I bought it as part of a group of parts, but I already have a 40" bar on my bumper. Tempted to change this to...
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    Phoenix Craigslist Baja Designs 30" S8 Behind Grille Kit New in Box

    Phoenix area. Baja Designs S8 30" Bar with Behind Grille Kit.
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    Trim LED Strip/Bar Options

    Hi All, I have a very niche lighting application that I was looking for some help on if possible. I recently installed a new front bumper with two amber led light strips as accent lighting. They look fine but was hoping for something either more sleek or more useful. The openings are very thin...
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    AZ Craigslist ADD Stealth Fighter Gen 2 Bumper

    Not my ad. Someone in the AZ buy this so I don't. I talked to the guy. Looks in decent shape with the one picture I saw and does not come with the ACC relocation bracket.