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    Minimum Post Requirement for Selling on FRF

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    Expected MPG?

    Go to the top of a hill, coast down, 99MPG.
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    Drive without front axle

    Boy oh Boy. Who needs that front axle, am I right? And yeah, isnt this under warranty?
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    Gen 3 finance rates.

    None of that matters if you have a hustle/company that can buy the truck. Write the damn thing off already. IRS is there for a reason.
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    Deflation Pressures for Desert Driving (Sand)

    Jesus 10PSI lol... Pancakes boys..
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    Gen 3 finance rates.

    I hate putting money down on liabilities.
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    Bay Area Newbie Checking In

    If you aint first..... yerrr last...
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    Fluctuating Oil Pressure Gauge

    When was your last oil change? When mine did this it was lack of oil.....
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    New Guy in Alaska

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    Scuff or light scratch on Fender

    Hell I got like 4 or 5 of those... Good thing I be truckin'
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    My 2023 RaptorR order

    So....... Since you have these skills, why aren't you building a 7.3 or your 8.8 and doin this?
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    Railroad Strike

    Let me go ahead and go to costco real fast..... Ammo check costco check Gas up check WHERE MA NIGHT VISION GOGGLES?! ..oh..there they go, check.
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    Quantico, VA options for cruising and sights

    Shoot a message man when you roll or post the finalized date here.. I'm out of pocket on the 1st but can swing up there any other time really. We may know each other I am near your age.
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    My 2023 RaptorR order

    Mother of GOD. A FREAKCOBOOST.....they do exist...
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    People think I have my (2021, 37) high beams on when I don't

    To be fair I also get flashed and not double d. And I was confused at first but yes mine come on automatically but I like it. So to that I say.... small cars, get a Raptor.
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    Quantico, VA options for cruising and sights

    I frequent Assateague! Lets riddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Clicking noises when truck is off

    Since the RAPTOR does not come with a big brake kit, I can't say its the rotors cooling off lol.