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  1. J

    Recall Wait Times

    got a call from my dealer saturday telling me eta on parts 3 weeks......
  2. J

    Recall Wait Times

    waiting on a callback from the service manager to see if I could order and ship them to them. I guess you answered my question. bummer.
  3. J

    Recall Wait Times

    dealer is telling me 3-5 weeks more to get parts to fix the recall. any body have the part number ill just buy some for them!
  4. J

    Trying to get a feel for how many of us are still waiting on 2021 trucks that are built. If so please post production date and eta from tracker.

    just got off with fp despite what the tracker states (shipped no date or check mark) they show it in transit leaving flat rock. delivery date 1/21 - 1/27 (to tx)
  5. J

    Trying to get a feel for how many of us are still waiting on 2021 trucks that are built. If so please post production date and eta from tracker.

    tracker for my 35 21' updated to shipped this morning! sat at built for 23 days. its showing my original eta of 1-27 delivery. we'll see.
  6. J

    ETA 12/31

    mine is also 12/31 dealer says chip hold.
  7. J

    Dearborn Update(Pics). Appears to be movement

    you may be in the same boat as me. 2 weeks ago tracker showed 12-4 moved to 12-31 turns out its waiting for chips :(
  8. J

    Ready to Give-UP :(

    my 21' and an eta of dec 4 2 weeks ago yesterday it changed to 12-31 called dealer to find out its on chip hold with no further info....
  9. J

    11/1 Build Week?

    nov 15 build week here. (for my replacement) 21' 35 havn't checked with fp in a few weeks. will do that tomorrow.
  10. J

    Unscheduled Squad

    just got off chat with FP my order was updated on the 12th for some reason. Scheduled for BW 11-15.
  11. J

    published heights

    do the published heights go to the roof only or the top of the antennas on the back of the cab?
  12. J

    Raptor is built!

    my dealer stock order is scheduled for delivery 9-14 built 8-27
  13. J

    In Production / Window Sticker Available

    built date keeps changing for me. I do have a bedliner. Deliver date said 9-30 on monday updated to 9-18 yesterday.
  14. J

    gallons used on trip1/2

    is there any way to get gallons used to show up on trip 1/2? i have been through the options and cant find anything am i missing it? possible with forscan? i have the 802a package with tech
  15. J

    Forscan changes - tweak your truck

    ok thanks! can i use the lincoln autofold with reverse tilt? also what is the difference between autofold and autofold lincoln style exactly?
  16. J

    Forscan changes - tweak your truck

    yes i have i backed up everything. i click restore all and it does nothing. changes are still there. is that the correct button?
  17. J

    Forscan changes - tweak your truck

    am i missing something? i cannot seem to restore from my backup. do i have to manually change everything back?
  18. J

    What did you pay +/- MSRP?

    my uncle's best friend refreshes his fleet of f450s every few years with the dealer and he told him he would give me a good deal.( plus it didn't hurt that 14 17' f450s were purchased at the same time) :)