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  1. Erjdrvr

    Pro Eagle Jack Problems

    Hey guys, I've got a 2 1/2 year old Pro Eagle 2 ton big wheel and one of the 2 spring pump pistons is sticking in the down position. I can take a screw driver and eventually get it to return. So I called Pro Eagle yesterday & the lady said the entire pump is not serviceable. So you must...
  2. Erjdrvr

    BFG KM3's in Short Supply?

    So been looking at the BFG KM3's in a 37"x12.50x17 (D rated @ $414) or the 37"x13.50x17 (E rated @ $385). Both these tires seem to be in short supply and I noticed bigger discounts on 20" rim versions. A vendor also mentioned that he had heard that BFG was not going to produce any more of these...
  3. Erjdrvr

    Check your lug nuts!

    Hey folks, check your lug nuts! Most of mine were 100ft lbs or less! Believe 150ft lbs is proper torque.
  4. Erjdrvr

    Cant Make This *** UP!! Delivered to the Wrong Dealer??

    Ok so this morning Palsapp still shows Null/Pending, but the Shop.Ford tracker showed delivered around 7-7:15am this morning!! So call my Sales Rep right a 9am, "let me check with sales manager", no response, call back at 10am....your truck was delivered to the wrong dealer some 300 miles...
  5. Erjdrvr

    Estimated Delivery Dates Getting Pushed!

    Hey folks, after the news that the KC F150 plant was shutting down due to new chip shortages, it come as no surprise that Est. Delivery Dates are getting pushed! Four of the trucks I've been following had a Est. Delivery for 08/22 & 08/23 now have all been pushed to 09/06. Additionally, only...
  6. Erjdrvr

    In Production / Window Sticker Available

    I believe today is the day that the first build week folks should be able to view their window stickers? Please post them! Post updates to Topguns tracking sheet
  7. Erjdrvr

    2021 Initial Orders Due Friday 06/18???

    So yesterday I am at dealer #2 getting a competing bid on a Gen 3 and dealer #1 texts that initial 2021 allocation orders must be in by 06/18 at 3pm EST. Has any one heard this or is this dealer BS?
  8. Erjdrvr

    CEL with P0236 & P0600 codes?

    Was passing some slower traffic on a 2 lane highway at full throttle when I lost power & lost power to accelerate. At the same time the CEL popped up & the truck seemed to be in limp mode. I could maintain 60-70 mph but could not quickly accelerate to make another pass. Also the truck was...
  9. Erjdrvr

    Want vs Need Factory Bead Lock Rings?

    Had a couple questions on installing the factory bead lock rings (True Bead Lock Conversion)? I have read the following threads: